Jerry Jones has been busy this year. His cult-classic post-hardcore/art rock band Trophy Scars celebrated their 15th anniversary with their first show in two years, and his newer doom-psych band Super Snake released their killer debut album Leap of Love. He since made his directorial debut, co-directing the video for Leap of Love's "Big Seize" with Mike Diebold of Danger Baby Productions. The video stars the women of Babe Coven, " a group that empowers women and nature and throws baller burlesque and craft events." Here's what Jerry said about the video:

The concept was B-horror from the get-go and I really wanted a 'kill your masters' kind of vibe. Corinne and Haleigh of Babe Coven had just thrown this wild burlesque show in Teaneck, NJ where they had Super Snake perform and it was just so inspiring. I wanted to make a video where these powerful women take down some misogynists. Kind of a revenge exploitation. The plot became easy once I had the idea that we would turn the Super Snake practice space into a 'boy's club' and have women be these subservient druid type slaves to the guys in the band. We filmed it all in one day and had a serious blast shooting it.

The B-horror vibe definitely comes through loud and clear, and is a perfect match for the heavy, haunting song. Check it out for yourself -- the video premieres below.

Super Snake are playing Montclair, NJ's Meatlocker on Saturday (12/9). It's the venue's third annual Toys for Tots drive, with all toys and proceeds going to Oasis: A Haven for Women and Children in Need. The show also includes the bands Washington Square Park and Smock. More info here. Super Snake are also working on a followup to Leap of Love. Stay tuned.

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