Last year, former Punch vocalist Meghan O’Neil teamed up with ex-Snowing drummer Justin Renninger and a couple other members to form the intense hardcore band Super Unison. They put out a ripping four-song debut EP and did some touring, but still haven't made it over to the Northeast. That will finally change very soon.

A full tour hasn't been announced yet. UPDATE: Full tour announced. Dates listed below.

They're playing NYC on May 2 at the Acheron. That's with DC's Free Children of Earth and Brooklyn's White Pisces (fronted by David Geeting, who was in Snowing-related bands Street Smart Cyclist and Slow Warm Death). Tickets are on sale now. Show flyer below.

Since the release of that debut EP, Super Unison put out the equally crushing track "Photorealism" on Jack Lunenfeld's (of Puberty Wounds) Idiot Bleach compilation, and they're currently mixing their debut album. Stay tuned for that. In the meantime, stream "Photorealism" and the EP, below.

Free Children of Earth, who used to be called Beasts of No Nation, are fronted by ex-Trial By Fire vocalist Jason Yawn and feature a lot of other DC veterans with members of Darkest Hour, Good Clean Fun, Title Tracks and more. They released their latest album Terminal Stasis in November, and it's a real solid record. Jason's usually half singing, half shouting, and these riffs owe as much to '70s hard rock as they do to hardcore. Listen below.

Lastly, White Pisces recently made a video for "Unbelievable Selection," which you can also watch below.