Superchunk are celebrating Halloween with a new single featuring a very catchy new song, “There’s a Ghost.” Says frontman Mac McCaughan, “I didn’t write a song for probably the first 6 months of the lockdown. This is one of the first and it came just in time for Halloween. Jim and Jon came over with their masks on, and Laura tracked her bass in her bass-ment. Try and get some fresh air when you can, people!”

The b-side is a cover of Sisters of Mercy‘s 1982 goth classic “Alice.” Mac is clearly a Sisters fan; he covered “First Last and Always” as a solo Halloween single back in 2014. While the band’s Jon Wurster is no substitute for Sisters of Mercy drum machine Doktor Avalanche, he does pretty good job bashing it out here. Listen to both tracks below.

Speaking of goth, we just ranked Classic Goth’s 13 Greatest Hits, and made a list of 13 Classic ’80s Goth Songs from bands that didn’t make the LPs list.

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