Supreme's Fall/Winter 2019 collection includes a jacket that incorporates imagery that was also used for The Smiths' classic 1985 album Meat is Murder. It's a photo of U.S. Marine Corporal Michael Wynn, who was fighting in the Vietnam war when the photo was taken in 1967, and he had "Make War Not Love" inscribed on his helmet. The Smiths used the photo for Meat is Murder, replacing his inscription with the album title. As you can see in the photo of jacket, it now says "supreme is love."

As NME notes, this is not the first time Supreme has turned to the Smiths for inspiration, having released a t-shirt in 2015 featuring a picture of Morrissey wearing a Supreme t-shirt. Morrissey wasn't too happy about it, saying "I apologise enormously for the enfeebled photograph of me issued this week by Supreme. The shot was taken in October 2015. I considered the photograph to be fit only for a medical encyclopedia and I pleaded with Supreme not to use it.”

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