California band The Buttertones have been around since the start of this decade, taking inspiration from pre-Beatles rock n' roll. Specifically, they envision what they do as movie music. "We all love movies so much," says the band's Dakota Boettcher. "When you listen to a soundtrack, it has peaks and it has lows, but it’s a whole journey. That’s what we want to do. We want you to go on a journey." The band's new album, Gravedigging, will be out March 31 via Innovative Leisure and aims to do just that.

You can really feel that vibe with the video for first single "Sadie's a Sadist" which plays like the kind of cheapo troubled teens movies that were a dime-a-dozen following The Wild way of a spy movie. "The mission in the film featured is based entirely off of a real events," claims Boettcher. "After an ex-CIA operative stole our secret plans for a cybernetic robot bartender/rhoomba we jumped into action. Some scenes might be dramatized for effect, but what you see in the film is essentially what unfolded that Tuesday afternoon." Believe that or not, but the video -- directed by Alex LeGolvan and Richard Hilton -- is a lot of fun and fits with their surfy garage-rock sound to a T. It premieres in this post, watch below.

The Buttertones have a few West Coast dates in February and those are listed below.


The Buttertones - 2017 Tour Dates
Feb 18 - Soma - San Diego, CA
Feb 23 - SOhO - Santa Barbara, CA
Feb 24 - The Chapel - San Francisco, CA
Feb 25 - The Glass House - Pomona, CA

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