Cult legend Swamp Dogg has been talking about releasing a new country album that features both Justin Vernon (who was also on his 2018 album Love, Loss & Autotune) and John Prine, and now that album has been announced. Like Love, Loss & Autotune, it was produced by Ryan Olson of Polica, and in addition to Justin Vernon and John Prine, it also features two other Polica members (singer Channy Leaneagh and bassist Chris Bierden), Jenny Lewis, and Sam Aimidon.

The first single is "Sleeping Without You Is A Dragg," which features vocals by Jenny Lewis and Channy Leaneagh, and piano by Justin Vernon. It's a warm, soulful country ballad, and you can listen and watch its Jacob Graham-directed lyric video below.

"They didn’t have any blacks in country until Charlie Pride came along," Swamp Dogg says. "But in time, all things change and that's what has happened to country music." He also explains that, while he's going for country music more overtly than ever before on this album, country has always been at his core: "If you listen to my records before I start stacking shit on it, I’m country. I sound country."

In recent related news, Jenny Lewis also released a new song with Jonathan Wilson, Jackson Browne, and Sanba Zao yesterday, and John Prine's just-announced Apollo Theatre show is on sale now.

1.Sleeping Without You Is A Dragg
2.Good, Better, Best
3.Don’t Take Her (She’s All I Got)
4.Family Pain
5.I Lay Awake
6.Memories (feat. John Prine)
7.I’d Rather Be Your Used To be
9.A Good Song
10.Please Let Me Go Round Again (feat. John Prine)

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