Swan Princess Project is the new band of Stevie Fitzpatrick and Sam Checkoway, both formerly of the Counter Intuitive Records-signed Sleeping Patterns (and Sam also drums for Born Without Bones, Super American and Oldsoul). We're premiering their debut single "Hey Runaway," which has a jangly, dreamy emo vibe in the vein of Turnover, later Tigers Jaw, etc, and Swan Princess Project really breathe new life into this sound.

"Swan Princess Project started with me writing solo songs in my bedroom and experimenting with electronic sounds and synths," Sam said. "I had showed Stevie a few rough demos and he was super enthusiastic about them, so we started collaborating together. The songwriting and recording process spans over two years. We worked with audio engineer Jake Checkoway, who did an amazing job recording, mixing, and mastering the album."

"'Hey Runaway' was actually the oldest song I had demoed for the album," Sam continues, "and the first song we worked on together for the project. Stevie came up with the entire concept behind the music video; Directors Sam Krueger and Josh Leonard did an incredible job filming and editing the video to bring Stevie’s cinematic vision to life."

Check out the video below, and stay tuned for more info on the upcoming LP.