Swedish band The Wannadies, who are best known for their 1994 single "You and Me Song" (which was memorably used in Baz Luhrmann film William Shakespeare's Romeo + Juliet), broke up in 2009 after six albums and 20 years together as a band. They're back, apparently, having just released a new single, "Can't Kill the Musikk," which picks up right where they left off, with a sugary power-pop rush. You can listen below.

"Can't Kill the Music" is being released with a new reissue of their terrific sixth (and currently last) album, 2002's Before & After, and comes as a 7" single with vinyl copies of the record. Despite being bundled with an 18-year-old album, they call this a "brand new track." Let's hope more is on the way.

Before & After was a loose concept album about a night out, with the "Before" side all upbeat songs, and "After" being mellower material. The Wannadies have seen most of the catalog reissued over the last few years, including 1994's Be A Girl (which featured "You and Me Song"), 1997's excellent Bagsy Me, and 1999's Yeah which was produced by Ric Ocasek.

You can listen to Before & After, and watch videos for "You and Me Song" and a few other '90s singles, below.