As noted, Labrador Records domo Johan Angergård has a lot of musical projects of his own (The Legends, Club 8, Acid House Kings) and the list keeps growing. His latest is Djustin, a collaboration with American musician Rose Suau. Djustin is perhaps Angergård's most pure pop project yet, and debut album Voyagers is full of purely electronic and highly danceable songs. We've got the premiere of the album's new single "Dancing." "With a little imagination, it's pretty safe to assume that 'Dancing' isn't really about dancing," says Rose. "It's really a clarion call for lovers everywhere to feel empowered, assertive, and free within your own body and who you share your energy with. It's about having magnetism with someone that's a little cheeky, slightly irreverent, and totally DJUSTIN." Listen with someone you want to share your energy with, below.

Voyagers is out May 5 via Labrador. Album art and tracklist are below too.

Meanwhile The Legends have a new album on the way, too.


Djustin - Voyager tracklist
1 New Preset
2 Dancing
3 Voyagers
4 Waiting
5 Advance
6 Shift
7 Birthday
8 Millions
9 Illumination

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