by Bill Pearis

Icona POp

With that driving, dirty synth bassline and anthemic "I don't care, I love it!" chorus (which is almost a preemptive strike against critics), Swedish duo Icona Pop's "I Love It" is sure to be heard ad naseum in clubs all summer. Is it Best New Music? The hook is kinda undeniable. And as Randy Newman and 10CC have taught us in the past, shouting "I love it!" is a shortcut to hitsville. (Charli XCX wrote this one, believe it or not.) If you haven't heard it yet, the video is below.

One club you'll definitely hear "I Love It" in is Glasslands, when Icona Pop plays live on Friday, June 22. It's a late show -- doors at 11:30PM -- and tickets are on sale. No other American shows at this point, though a Los Angeles show around the same time wouldn't be surprising.


Icona Pop - "I Love It"

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