Last year, four doom bands from four countries -- London's Elephant Tree, Stockholm's Domkraft, Melbourne's Horsehunter, and Boston's Summoner -- released live albums for Magnetic Eye Records' Day of Doom live album project, which was recorded when those same four bands played the label's showcase at Brooklyn's Saint Vitus Bar in 2019. Now, Domkraft are set to release a new studio album, Seeds, on April 30 via Magnetic Eye (pre-order). We're premiering new single "Audiodome," which is heavy psych at its finest. Blurring the lines between Nuggets and Electric Wizard, the song is doomy but still bulldozes away in a constant forward motion. It's trippy and hazy but still sharp and direct.

"The theme of the entire album is about starting over," vocalist/bassist Martin Wegeland tells us, "like waking up after a cold shower only to discover you're basically walking in ruins. There are new constructions, but nothing of real value. It is all about short-term fixes, no thoughts of longevity, since our perspectives have narrowed down so much. We need to get back to the core, to something that unites rather than divides us. And we need outlets of inspiration and well-being. Hence the 'audiodome' concept. A new breed of sacred places, where music, tones and notes can exist freely for the enjoyment and well-being of every person. And, in a wider context, with the pandemic and all, a dive bar with a PA could be an audiodome. It’s more about what it provides than what it is. Ideally, unity, well-being and enrichment. And that's what this song is a celebration of."

It's the last song on the album, and as Martin says, "We wanted the album to have a really intense closing track. And when we came up with and combined the two main riffs, the song basically wrote itself. It starts off in this intense and driving pace, dissolves into cosmic euphoria and ends off with some sweet low-end goodness, to fill the very dome we are talking about. And, in that aspect, it pretty much sums up what the album is all about."

"Audiodome" is a 9+ minute trip, and it earns every second. When music is this hypnotic, time flies by. Listen below...

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