Swervedriver have shared another song from their forthcoming album Future Ruins. "I have no recollection of where this tune came from," says Adam Franklin of "Drone Lover" which is sonically in tune with its title, even if that's not really the kind of drone they're talking about. "It's a song that's been knocking around for a few years, but for some reason had never been presented to anyone until we were in the studio this time and I clicked play on the demo while searching for something else. TJ and Mikey both went 'what's this?' and then 'so why aren't we recording it?' -- and so we recorded it. The lyric mentions love but it's really about war -- remote war and killing from a distance whilst chomping on last night's leftover pizza or something." It's heavy and dreamy, which is to say it's a Swervedriver song. Check it out below.

Future Ruins is out January 25 via Dangerbird.