Philly lo-fi slowcore/folk artist Swim Camp (aka Tom Morris) released a two-song 7" earlier this year, and now he's set to release his debut full-length, Fishing in a Small Boat, on October 29 via Know Hope Records. The first single is "Melt," a violin-aided song that starts out calm but turns climactic and suspenseful. Tom says:

Sometimes when I feel anxious I lay down on the floor and imagine melting into it, trying to feel a grounded connection to the stuff around me. “Melt” was my attempt to talk about that feeling of relief in dissolution. This is the oldest song on the record. It was written and recorded in early 2019 on a snow day. I was sitting on this song for so long because I wasn’t sure how to best use it. Once I decided to make a full-length record to follow “Barlow Hill” it felt natural that “Melt” would be the center of this new project. Produced by myself and Mark Watter largely at Headroom Studios in Philadelphia, the song only fully took shape once Molly Germer added violin during the spring of 2020.

Listen and check out the album artwork and tracklist below...


Swim Camp

1. Backyard
2. Done
3. Thread
4. Sit Down
5. Race Track
6. Melt
7. Book Club
8. RC Airplane
9. Skinned Knee
10. Sift
11. Birch Tree
12. A Different Kind of Sleep
13. Water

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