Swing Kids were one of the key bands of San Diego's chaotic '90s post-hardcore scene (with members who also played in and/or would go on to play in The Locust, Some Girls, Yaphet Kotto, Sweep the Leg Johnny, The Album Leaf, and others), and despite only lasting for three years and 11 songs (including a cover of Joy Division's "Warsaw"), they've proven to be highly influential on post-hardcore, emo, and screamo bands for many years to come.

Swing Kids are now set to reissue their entire discography as Anthology on October 23 via Three One G (pre-order), and along with the reissue comes a new video for "Fake Teeth," made by Displaced/Replaced and featuring live footage of the band, which premieres in this post.

"To me, Swing Kids was about a particular time and place," drummer Jose Palafox (later of Yaphet Kotto and other bands) tells us. "The more things change, the more things stay the same. The shit that we were talking about back then—fascist Prop 187–is still very much here, only now fascism is more out in the open. That means that our response needs to meet the challenge of the world where literally the life of the planet is at stake."

Watch the new video below...

Anthology Tracklist
Line 1
Clean Shade of Dirty
Blue Note
Intro to Photography
Situation on Mars
Forty-Three Seconds
El Camino Car Crash
Fake Teeth
Situations on Mars


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