Swiss-German duo BOY (Valeska Steiner’s and Sonja Glass) are back with their first new music since 2015's We Were Here (which was a Top 5 hit in Germany, Switzerland) and Austria. While they're still putting the finishing touches on their third album, which will be out via Groenland Records, you can now listen to sweeping, dramatic new single "Fit Back In."

“I feel so grateful for this song,” Steiner says, “because I really learned something for myself. I started writing it after my father passed, when I had this weird feeling that, in just one more week, a year would have gone by and somehow I’d have to be magically over it and not feel so sad or lost. It’s like there’s this official mourning period, and after that you’re meant to be fine. So I wrote it while I was ‘allowed’ to have this feeling, then sent the lyrics to Sonja, who wrote the music. Later we decided the end wasn’t working, and another few months passed, and then the line 'Time doesn’t heal / It just goes by' came to me. It felt like such a relief! There are so many well-worn phrases we don’t really question, like 'Time heals everything,' but some things are just sad forever. I found comfort in acknowledging that, and at the same time I was able to see more and more clearly how, as time passes, it brings new life and new beauty and new things to look forward to.”

"Fit Back In" premieres in this post and you can stream it below.

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