Swiss post-metal band E-L-R will release their sophomore album, Vexier, on March 11 via Prophecy Productions (pre-order). The band recently put out lead single "Fleurs of Decay," and we're now premiering second single "Seeds," along with its video. It's a psychedelic, shoegazy song with sludgy weight, and if you're into stuff like Alcest, Boris, and Jesu, you'll probably dig this too. Here's what the band says about it:

The reverberating bass strides in from the distance, a foreign voice can be heard and, together with cavernous guitar feedback, draws the listener directly into a hypnosis. The main message of the song lies in the vocal line "Seeds will grow and thrive" – a wide reflection that a radiant colossus can emerge from a plain spark. The video for "Seeds" leaves a lot of room for interpretation and reverie, while the listener gets lost in the driving beat, reverb swathes and healing vocal choirs.

Watch the videos for both singles below...

1. Opiate the Sun
2. Three Winds
3. Seeds
4. Fleurs of Decay
5. Forêt


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