Swiss post-metallers ABRAHAM are gearing up for a new album, Debris de mondes perdus, which is intended as a sequel to 2018's Look, Here Comes The Dark!. "We used a text which comes from several hundred years in the future as a conceptual centerpiece," the band says. "It is less a story than a kind of chant expressing fears, awe, struggles and lamentations. It is very oral, primitive and heathen, evil and bizarre. One can tell that darkness has obscured minds after having fallen onto the world." They also add, "It’s much rougher and definitely less baroque than our previous efforts, while still retaining a general sense of malaise."

Since the release of Look, Here Comes The Dark!, ABRAHAM parted ways with lead vocalist Renzo Tornado Especial and guitarist Matostab Axwielder, and they did recruit a new guitarist (Steven Margo Ditadoro), but instead of replacing Renzo, drummer/vocalist Dave Schlagmeister has assumed the role of lead vocals. His caustic roar has always been a crucial part of ABRAHAM's sound, and as lead vocalist, he's the perfect fit for this rawer, more primitive album. You can get a taste from opening track "Verminvisible," which we're premiering the video for.

"'Verminvisible' is about using infused bitter plants to try and communicate with your natural environment," the band tells us. "In this case, it turns out pretty bad. The whole album is based on a text by Russian author Mira Neberlova. We love what our filmmaker, Al Gutierrez, has done with these projections. It is both dark and beautiful."

Watch the video below. The album comes out February 25 via Pelagic (pre-order).


01 - Verminvisible
02 - Blood Moon, New Alliance 03 - Maudissements
04 - Ravenous Is the Night
05 - Our Words Born in Fire
06 - Fear Overthrown
07 - A Celestial Funeral
08 - Black Breath (feat. Emilie Zoe)

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