Vox podcast Switched on Pop looks at the craft, science and meaning of modern pop music, with hosts musicologists Nate Sloan and songwriter Charlie Harding breaking down pop songs "to figure out what makes a hit and what is its place in culture." Recent episodes include "Paper Planes, Chandelier & What the #@%! is Timbre?" (with Constance Grady), "Prelude & Feud on a 'G' Thang: Biggie vs Tupac," and "The Past, Present, and Future of Emo" (with Allegra Frank), and "Why U Love 2 Listen 2 Prince" (with Anil Dash). You can listen to the most recent episode, "ICYMI: Billie Eilish is a Different Kind of Pop Star" featuring FINNEAS, below.

Some of the podcast's most insightful episodes have been expanded, illustrated and turned into a book, Switched on Pop: How Popular Music Works, and Why it Matters, which was released in December. To celebrate, they're taking Switched on Pop on the road with live tapings in NYC, Los Angeles, Seattle, Berkeley and wrapping up with another Los Angeles show. The NYC show happens Friday, January 10 at Greene Space (tickets).

All dates are listed below.

Switched on Pop - 2020 Live Tapings
JAN 10 New York, NY — Greene Space @ 7:00 PM
JAN 17 Los Angeles, CA — Skylight Books @ 7:30 PM
JAN 21 Seattle, WA — Town Hall @ 7:30 PM
JAN 23 Berkeley, CA — University Press Books @ 5:30 PM
JAN 30 Los Angeles, CA — IVY Masterclass @ 7:00 PM

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