SWMRS drummer Joey Armstrong, the son of Green Day's Billie Joe Armstrong, has responded after being accused of sexual misconduct and abuse by The Regrettes vocalist and guitarist Lydia Night. In a post on the band's Instagram, he writes:

Hey everyone,

I want to address Lydia's Instagram post about our relationship. While I don't agree with some of the things she said about me, it's important that she be allowed to say them and that she be supported for speaking out. I respect her immensely and fully accept that I failed her as a partner. I was selfish and I didn't treat her the way she deserves to have been treated both during our relationship and in the two years since we broke up. I have apologized to her privately and I hope she can forgive me, if and when she is ready to do so. I own my mistakes and will work hard to regain the trust that I lost.


In Night's statement, she describes being in a relationship with Armstrong that began when she was 16 and he was 22, and ended shortly before her 18th birthday. "For so long I viewed it just as being toxic and not something valid enough to share but now I know that what I actually experienced was emotional abuse and sexual coercion by someone in a position of power over me," she writes. Read her full statement below.

Night says that she decided to come forward because of another post on SWMRS' Instagram. In it, they address allegations made against Mikey Carnevale of The Frights and Zoe Lambert of No Parents, saying, "We want to publicly condemn their behavior and encourage you to read the survivors' stories and their responses." They also write, "It is antithetical to our core values as musicians to use this power for anything other than music. It is antithetical to our core values as humans to use this power for sexual exploits. People place so much trust in us when they come to our shows and we have always tried our best to honor that. We try to center the safety of our community in every decision we make." Read the post in full below.

SWMRS released an album on Burger Records, who recently responded with a plan for restructuring following a series of allegations made against bands associated with the label and employees.

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