Trypophobia, a phobia of clusters of small holes, is some really creepy stuff. Even if you don't experience it frequently, I don't recommend spending too much time thinking about it. It can seriously freak you out. Melodie Stancato, who fronts the Brooklyn trio Swoon Lake along with Paul Weintrob and Lucinda Hearn (all three of whom met through Tinder), experiences this phobia and she turned it into the theme for Swoon Lake's new video for "I Might Shout." "For me the fear manifests more concretely as disgust, but nonetheless it inspires momentary lapses of anxiety upon confrontation. In the video a pomegranate becomes a symbol for the triviality of the fears we carry, imbuing this everyday fruit with a sinister power," she tells us. The video premieres below.

The song appeared on the band's 2016 EP Like Being in a Mouth, and you can stream that below too. They're working on a followup EP now, which will be out on Johanna Warren's label Spirit House, "a coven of free-spirited women and nonbinary musicians whose mission is to elevate and empower each other."

Swoon Lake will play a Planned Parenthood benefit in NYC at The Glove on Sunday (2/12) with Soul Worm, Yours Are The Only Ears, and Ghost Piss. More info here.