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Tight Knit is the fourth full-length album from Vetiver--singer/songwriter Andy Cabic's ever-evolving musical home base. Luminous and surprising, Tight Knit unfolds like a road trip down Highway 1, towards Cabic's home in San Francisco. It represents a summation of the different styles and directions heard on past Vetiver releases, while it introduces some unexpected twists.

"I think I was able to make the most of the different moods of each song," Andy confirms. "Several of the songs have been staples of Vetiver's live show for some time in much the same form as they appear on this recording. Other songs were given a last polishing in the studio. And a few songs were radically reworked from the way they were performed on the road."

"There are songs here that allude to elements of everything I've done so far, and songs that have something which heretofore I maybe only hinted at.">

Tight Knit will be released by Sub Pop on February 17th. Track #3 is available to downloads above. As far as upcoming shows, Vetiver have been confirmed as one of the many people playing SXSW in Austin this year. (Music: March 18-22). The latest and greatest (officially confirmed) full artist list is below...

Here's the latest list of bands performing at SXSW 2009! Check back often for updates!

This list subject to change.

The Abrams Brothers (Kingston ON)
Absinthe Minds (Madison WI)
ABSU (Dallas TX)
Ace Enders (Hammonton NJ)
A Classic Education (Bologna ITALY)
Acoustik Wire (Thessaloniki GREECE)
Action Action (New York NY)
Act Of Congress (Birmingham AL)
A Day To Remember (Ocala FL)
Adventure (Baltimore MD)
Afghan Raiders (Las Vegas NV)
Afterhours (Milano ITALY)
AIDS Wolf (Montreal QC)
The Aimless Never Miss (San Francisco CA)
The Airborne Toxic Event (Silverlake CA)
Akron/Family (Williamsport PA)
Alash (Milwaukee WI)
Alexandre Grooves (Sao Paulo BRAZIL)
Alexisonfire (St Catharines ON)
Tom Allalone & The 78s (Gravesend UK-ENGLAND)
Allison (Mexico MEXICO)
Gabi Almeida (Sao Paulo BRAZIL)
Dave Alvin (Los Angeles CA)
Anathallo (Chicago IL)
Ancestors (Los Angeles CA)
Anchorsong (London UK-ENGLAND)
Angela Desveaux & The Mighty Ship (Montreal QC)
Angry Vs The Bear (Essex UK-ENGLAND)
An Horse (Brisbane QLD)
Amy Annelle (Austin TX)
Annihilation Time (Oakland CA)
Annuals (Raleigh NC)
The Answering Machine (Manchester UK-ENGLAND)
Anti-Pop Consortium (New York NY)
Apollo Sunshine (Boston MA)
Arabrot (Oslo NORWAY)
The ARC Angels (Austin TX)
Arkells (Hamilton ON)
Bomani Armah & Project Mayhem (Washington DC)
Arms and Legs (Croton Falls NY)
Arms and Sleepers (Cambridge MA)
Artefacts For Space Travel (London UK-ENGLAND)
Asakusa Jinta (Tokyo JAPAN)
Ashu (Mumbai INDIA)
The Asteroid #4 (Philadelphia PA)
The Asteroids Galaxy Tour (Denmark DENMARK)
Asylum Street Spankers (Austin TX)
Pugs Atomz (Chicago IL)
Melissa Auf der Maur (Montreal QC)
Aun (Montreal QC)
Au Revoir Simone (Brooklyn NY)
Autons (TX) (Austin TX)
Autozamm (Auckland NEW ZEALAND)
Awkward I (Amsterdam THE NETHERLANDS)
Babydick (Austin TX)
Baby Robots (Austin TX)
Back Door Slam (Douglas ISLE OF MAN)
Backseat Goodbye (Murfreesboro TN)
Baddies (Southend UK-ENGLAND)
Mike Badger (Liverpool UK-ENGLAND)
Sam Baker (Austin TX)
Balmorhea (Austin TX)
Volodja Balzalorsky (Ljubljana SLOVENIA)
Bam Bam (Monterrey MEXICO)
The Band of Heathens (Austin TX)
Bang! Bang! Eche! (Christchurch NEW ZEALAND)
The Baptist Generals (Denton TX)
Barcelona (Seattle WA)
Barn Owl (San Francisco CA)
Baskery (Stockholm SWEDEN)
Beach House (Baltimore MD)
Beans on Toast (London UK-ENGLAND)
Bear in Heaven (Brooklyn NY)
Beautiful Nubia (Lagos NIGERIA )
Bedouin Soundclash (Toronto ON)
Beep Beep (Omaha NE)
Kim Beggs (Whitehorse YT)
Belladonna (Roma ITALY)
Chris Bell (Austin TX)
Belong (New Orleans LA)
Benny Crespo's Gang (Reykjavik ICELAND)
Chris Bergson (Brooklyn NY)
The Besties (Brooklyn NY)
Jim Bianco (Los Angeles CA)
Big Sam's Funky Nation (New Orleans LA)
Binary Audio Misfits (Toulouse FRANCE)
Diane Birch (New York NY)
Andrew Bird (Chicago IL)
Martina Topley Bird (London UK-ENGLAND)
Birds Of Tokyo (Brunswick VIC)
Birds of Wales (Toronto BC)
Wallis Bird (Dublin IRELAND)
Bisc1 (Queens NY)
Bitter End (San Antonio TX)
Black Acid (London UK-ENGLAND)
The Black Angels (Austin TX)
Black Cherry (London UK-ENGLAND)
Black Diamond Heavies (Chattanooga TN)
Black Drawing Chalks (Goiania GO)
Black Gold (Brooklyn NY)
The Black Hollies (Jersey City NJ)
Black Joe Lewis & The Honeybears (Austin TX)
Black Lips (Atlanta GA)
Blacklisted Individuals (Austin TX)
Black Math Horseman (Los Angeles CA)
Black Skies (Chapel Hill NC)
Bleeders (Auckland NEW ZEALAND)
Blind Pilot (Portland OR)
Bloodgroup (Reykjavik ICELAND)
Blood Red Throne (Kristiansand NORWAY)
The Bloodsugars (New York NY)
Blu (Los Angeles CA)
Blue Giant (Portland OR)
Blue King Brown (Melbourne VIC)
Blue Scholars (Seattle WA)
BM Linx (New York NY)
BOAT (Seattle WA)
The Boat People (Brisbane QLD)
Boats (Winnipeg MB)
B.o.B (Atlanta GA)
Bogan Dust (New York NY)
Bokeys (Memphis TN)
Haley Bonar (St Paul MN)
Bonjour Brumaire (Montreal QC)
Sarah Borges and the Broken Singles (Boston MA)
Bottle Rockets (Festus MO)
Boxcar Satan (San Antonio TX)
Bonnie Bramlett (Nashville TN)
Cory Branan (Memphis TN)
Jay Brannan (New York NY)
Brigade (London UK-ENGLAND)
Jackie Bristow (Auckland NEW ZEALAND)
Broken Records (Edinburgh UK-SCOTLAND)
The Bronx (Los Angeles CA)
Tom Brosseau (Los Angeles CA)
David Thomas Broughton (London UK-ENGLAND)
Cliff Brown Jr (Austin TX)
Trey Brown (Austin TX)
The Brunettes (Auckland NEW ZEALAND)
Nell Bryden (New York NY)
Buck 65 (Halifax NS)
Buff1 (Ann Arbor MI)
Andy Bull (Sydney NSW)
Buraka Som Sistema (Lisbon PORTUGAL)
Grecco Buratto (Los Angeles CA)
Mamá Burger (Monterrey MEXICO)
Joby Burgess (London UK-ENGLAND)
Steve Burns (and The Struggle) (Brooklyn NY)
Lee Burridge (london UK-ENGLAND)
Bushwalla (San Diego CA)
Butterfly Boucher (Nashville TN)
Cactus's (Franklin TN)
Cadence Weapon (Edmonton AB)
Cafe Funque (Rio de Janeiro RJ)
Cage (New York NY)
Callers (Brooklyn NY)
Chanel Campbell (Nashville TN)
Greg Camp (Santa Cruz CA)
Candy Coated Killahz (Toronto ON)
Canja Rave (Porto Alegre RS)
Canopy (Austin TX)
Capsula (Bilbao SPAIN)
Loene Carmen (Sydney NSW)
Carolina Chocolate Drops (Raleigh NC)
Cash Cash (Roseland NJ)
Cashier No.9 (Belfast UK-N. IRELAND)
Cassim & Barbaria (Florianopolis BRAZIL)
Castledoor (Los Angeles CA)
Gavin Castleton (Portand OR)
Catpeople (Barcelona SPAIN)
Slim Cessna's Auto Club (Denver CO)
Charlie Everywhere (Saratoga Springs NY)
Cheeky Cheeky And The Nosebleeds (Woodbridge UK-ENGLAND)
Cheeseburger (New York NY)
The Chevelles (Perth WA)
The Chicharones (Portland OR)
Suzanna Choffel (Austin TX)
Margaret Cho (Los Angeles CA)
Choo Choo (Bern SWITZERLAND)
Chris T-T (Brighton UK-ENGLAND)
Chuck Mead (Nashville TN)
The City Lives (Oklahoma City OK)
CKY (West Chester PA)
Cla (Oporto PORTUGAL)
Classixx (Los Angeles CA)
The Cliks (Toronto ON)
Closure In Moscow (Melbourne AUSTRALIA)
The Coathangers (Atlanta GA)
Coliseum (Louisville KY)
Colossus (Raleigh NC)
Colourmusic (Stillwater OK)
Colour Revolt (Oxford MS)
Coma in Algiers (Austin TX)
Come On Gang! (Edinburgh UK-SCOTLAND)
Common Market (Seattle WA)
Conil (London UK-ENGLAND)
Connan Mockasin (London NEW ZEALAND)
Contramano (Brooklyn NY)
Coreysan (Tacarigua TRINIDAD AND TOBAGO)
Murali Coryell (Boiceville NY)
The Courteeners (Manchester UK-ENGLAND)
Cousin Cole (Brooklyn NY)
Paul Couture (Austin TX)
Samantha Crain & the Midnight Shivers (Shawnee OK)
Crash Kings (Los Angeles CA)
Crazy P (Manchester UK-ENGLAND)
Creature (Montreal QC)
AJ Croce (San Diego CA)
Crocodile (Oklahoma city OK)
Crown City Rockers (Oakland CA)
John Cruz (Honolulu HI)
Crystal Antlers (Long Beach CA)
The Crystal Method (Los Angeles CA)
Alex Cuba (Vancouver BC)
Cubismo Grafico Five (Tokyo JAPAN)
Austin Cunningham (Nashville TN)
Cursive (Omaha NE)
Cut Off Your Hands (Auckland NEW ZEALAND)
Daddy a Go-Go (Atlanta GA)
DADDY (Will Kimbrough & Tommy Womack) (Nashville TN)
Floyd Dakil Combo (Dallas TX)
David Dallas (Auckland NEW ZEALAND)
Micah Dalton (Chattanooga TN)
Damero (Berlin GERMANY)
Dananananaykroyd (Glasgow UK-SCOTLAND)
Dan Le Sac Vs Scroobius Pip (Stanford Le Hope UK-ENGLAND)
Danny And The Champions Of The World (London UK-ENGLAND)
Dappled Cities (Sydney NSW)
Dark Captain Light Captain (London UK-ENGLAND)
Darker Florida (Tallahassee FL)
Darshana & Sowmya (Chennai INDIA)
Dash Rip Rock (New Orleans LA)
Guy Davis (New York NY)
Dawes (Los Angeles CA)
Dead Luke (Madison WI)
deadmau5 (Tornto CA)
Dead Sexy Inc (Paris FRANCE)
The Dead Trees (Portland OR)
Dear and the Headlights (Tempe AZ)
The Death Set (Philadelphia PA)
Debayres (Buenos Aires ARGENTINA)
The DeBretts (London UK-ENGLAND)
The Deep Dark Woods (Saskatoon SK)
Deer Tick (Providence RI)
Deichkind (Hamburg GERMANY)
Delco (Madrid SPAIN)
DeLeon (Brooklyn NY)
Delhi 2 Dublin (Vancouver BC)
De los Muertos (San Antonio TX)
Delta Spirit (San Diego CA)
Brigitte DeMeyer (Burlingame CA)
Descartes A Kant (Guadalajara MEXICO)
The Details (Winnipeg MB)
The Devil Wears Prada (Dayton OH)
Kevin Devine & the Goddamn Band (Brooklyn NY)
Alela Diane (Portland OR)
Andreia Dias (Sao Paulo BRAZIL)
Madi Diaz (Nashville TN)
Tina Dico (London UK-ENGLAND)
Dignan (McAllen TX)
Dikes of Holland (Austin TX)
Diplomats of Solid Sound (Iowa City IA)
Dirtblonde (Liverpool UK-ENGLAND)
The Dirt Drifters (Nashville TN)
Dirty Old Men (Tochigi JAPAN)
Disappears (Chicago IL)
Diva Gash (Bogota COLOMBIA)
Dixie Witch (Austin TX)
DJ Ipek (Berlin GERMANY)
DJ Jester the Filipino Fist (San Antonio TX)
Dlugokecki (Southampton UK-ENGLAND)
DM Stith (Buffalo NY)
D.O. (Toronto ON)
B. Dolan (Providence RI)
Dommin (Los Angeles CA)
The Donkeys (San Diego CA)
Doomtree (Minneapolis MN)
Dorp (London UK-ENGLAND)
Luke Doucet (Toronto ON)
The Downbeat 5 (Boston MA)
Lila Downs (New York NY)
The Drams (Denton TX)
Dredg (San Francisco CA)
Drink Up Buttercup (Horsham PA)
The Drones (Melbourne VIC)
Ducktails (Ridgewood NJ)
The Duhks (Winnipeg MB)
Earthless (San Diego CA)
Tim Easton (Joshua Tree CA)
Easy Star All-Stars (New York NY)
Eat Skull (Portland OR)
Ecstatic Sunshine (Baltimore MD)
8ball and mjg (Memphis TN)
Elastic Band (Granada SPAIN)
The Electric City (London UK-ENGLAND)
The Electric Diorama (Rome ITALY)
Electricity In Our Homes (London UK-ENGLAND)
Electric Touch (Austin TX)
Elemeno P (Auckland NEW ZEALAND)
Carrie Elkin (Austin TX)
Ella (Bristol UK-ENGLAND)
Elliot Brood (Toronto ON)
The Elms (Seymour IN)
El Tule (Cedar Park TX)
The Elysian Quartet (London UK-ENGLAND)
Emma Lee (Toronto ON)
Empire Isis (Montreal QC)
The Enright House (Chicago IL)
Enter Shikari (St Albans UK-ENGLAND)
Eol Trio (Paris FRANCE)
The Escape Frame (Montgomery AL)
Ali Eskandarian (Brooklyn NY)
Eskimo Joe (Perth WA)
Esser (Essex UK-ENGLAND)
The Ettes (New York NY)
Evaline (Modesto CA)
The Evaporators (Vancouver BC)
The Everyday Visuals (Boston MA)
Evil Bebos (Murfreesboro TN)
Evil Nine Live (Brighton UK-ENGLAND)
Tim Exile (Berlin GERMANY)
Explosions in the Sky (Austin TX)
Factums (Seattle WA)
Mickey Factz (Bronx NY)
John Fairhurst (Manchester UK-ENGLAND)
Fake Problems (Naples FL)
Fanfarlo (London UK-ENGLAND)
The Fashion (Copenhagen DENMARK)
Felix Cartal (Vancouver BC)
FemBots (Toronto ON)
Douglas Ferguson (Austin TX)
Ferraby Lionheart (Nashville TN)
Benjy Ferree (Washington DC)
Melissa Ferrick (Boston MA)
Fight Bite (Denton TX)
Fighting With Wire (Derry UK-N IRELAND)
Fight Like Apes (Dublin IRELAND)
fiN (London UK-ENGLAND)
Final Flash (Montreal QC)
Tim Finn (Auckland NEW ZEALAND)
Rodney Fisher (New Plymouth NEW ZEALAND)
Five Times August (Dallas TX)
Floating Action (Black Mountain NC)
Flood Of Red (Glasgow UK-SCOTLAND)
Paul E Flynn (Johannesburg SOUTH AFRICA)
FNU Ronnies (san francisco CA)
Fol Chen (Highland Park CA)
David Fonseca (Lisbon PORTUGAL)
Foreign Born (Los Angeles CA)
Foreign Legion (Oakland CA)
Jen Foster (Nashville TN)
Ruthie Foster (Austin TX)
Fox Cubs (Newbury UK-ENGLAND)
Francis and The Lights (New York NY)
Eugene Francis Jnr & The Juniors (Cardiff UK-WALES)
Karima Francis (Blackpool UK-ENGLAND)
Robert Francis (Los Angeles CA)
Sage Francis (Providence RI)
Adam Franklin (of Swervedriver) (New York NY)
Kam Franklin (Houston TX)
Ron Franklin (Memphis TN)
Freeland (Brighton UK-ENGLAND)
French Horn Rebellion (New York NY)
Jessie Frye (Arlington TX)
Fuckshovel (London UK-ENGLAND)
The Fumes (Sydney NSW)
Fun (New York NY)
Futomomo Satisfaction (Tokyo JAPAN)
Future Of The Left (Cardiff UK-WALES)
Future Virgins (Chatanooga TN)
Dmitry Fyodorov (Stockholm SWEDEN)
The Gala Band (Bristol UK-ENGLAND)
Benny Gallagher (West Wickham UK-ENGLAND)
Gang Gang Dance (New York NY)
Gary War (Brooklyn NY)
Gaybomb (Washington DC)
Geeks (Tokyo JAPAN)
General Fiasco (Belfast UK-N. IRELAND)
Genia (London UK-ENGLAND)
Gentleman Reg (Toronto ON)
Gerald G. (Austin TX)
J. Matthew Gerken (Sacramento CA)
Get Cape Wear Cape Fly (London UK-ENGLAND)
The Ghost (Torshavn FAROE ISLANDS)
The Ghost Frequency (London UK-ENGLAND)
Laura Gibson (Portland OR)
Colin Gilmore (Austin TX)
Pepi Ginsberg (Brooklyn NY)
Monica Giraldo (Bogota COLOMBIA)
The Girls (Seattle WA)
Glambilly (San Antonio TX)
Gloria Cycles (Brighton UK-ENGLAND)
Glossary (Murfreesboro TN)
Goes Cube (Brooklyn NY)
Steve Goldberg and the Arch Enemies (Philadelphia PA)
The Golden Arm Trio Does DUKE! (Austin TX)
Golden Boots (Tucson AZ)
Golden Boys (Austin TX)
The Golden Dogs (Toronto ON)
The Golden Filter (New York NY)
Golden Hornet Project (Austin TX)
GoldieLocks (London UK-ENGLAND)
Golem (Brooklyn NY)
Robert Gomez (Denton TX)
Lesser Gonzalez Alvarez (Baltimore MD)
Good Old War (Philadelphia PA)
Goot (Poughkeepsie NY)
Gorevette (Detroit MI)
John Gorka (Marine MN)
Johnny Goudie and The Little Champions (Austin TX)
The Gougers (Austin TX)
Kara Grainger (Sydney NSW)
Sebastien Grainger (Toronto ON)
Grampall Jookabox (Indianapolis IN)
Grand Analog (Winnipeg MB)
Grand Archives (Seattle WA)
Grande (Oslo NORWAY)
Jenn Grant (Halifax NS)
Grapevine (Tokyo JAPAN)
The Grates (Brisbane QLD)
Great Lakes Myth Society (Ann Arbor MI)
Great Northern (Los Angeles CA)
Liz Green (Manchester UK-ENGLAND)
Green River Ordinance (Ft Worth TX)
Grizzly Bear (Brooklyn NY)
Grouch & Eligh (Los Angeles CA)
The Guggenheim Grotto (Dublin IRELAND)
Guillamino (Barcelona SPAIN)
Gunslingers (Grenoble FRANCE)
Hacienda (San Antonio TX)
Ha Ha Tonka (Springfield MO)
The Hall Monitors (Washington DC)
Hamell On Trial (Ossining NY)
Charles Hamilton (New York NY)
Murry Hammond (Los Angeles CA)
The Handsome Family (Albuquerque NM)
Handsome Furs (Montreal QC)
Hangmas (Budapest HUNGARY)
Hank IV (san francisco CA)
The Happy Hollows (Los Angeles CA)
Ed Harcourt (London UK-ENGLAND)
Harlem Shakes (New York NY)
James Harries (Prauge CZECH REPUBLIC)
Kylie Harris (Auckland NEW ZEALAND)
Grant Hart (South Saint Paul MN)
Austin Hartley-Leonard (Los Angeles CA)
Hatcham Social (London UK-ENGLAND)
Sara Haze (Lake Forrest CA)
The Hazey Janes (Dundee CO)
Head Automatica (Long Island NY)
Roy Head (Houston TX)
HEALTH (Los Angeles CA)
Healthy Minds Collapse (Fife UK-SCOTLAND)
The Heavenly States (Oakland CA)
The Heavy (Bath UK-ENGLAND)
Heels Catch Fire (Brighton UK-ENGLAND)
He Is Legend (Wilmington NC)
Adam Heldring (Stockholm SWEDEN)
Hello Seahorse! (Mexico City MEXICO)
Heloise and the Savoir Faire (Brooklyn NY)
Here Holy Spain (Dallas TX)
Herman Dune (Paris FRANCE)
Hermano L backed by Ranking Soldiers (Barcelona SPAIN)
Hesta Prynn in Civil Shepherd (New York NY)
Heybale (Austin TX)
Hey Negrita (London UK-ENGLAND)
Hickoids (Austin TX)
The Higher State (Kent UK-ENGLAND)
The High Strung (Detroit MI)
Matt Hires (Tampa FL)
Hockey (Portland OR)
Hold Fire (Brighton UK-ENGLAND)
Holger (Sao Paulo NULL)
Holy Hail (Brooklyn NY)
The Homosexuals (London UK-ENGLAND)
HoneyHoney (Venice CA)
Honey Ryder (London UK-ENGLAND)
The Hooks (San Francisco CA)
Hopewell (Brooklyn NY)
Horse Feathers (Portland OR)
Hot Club of Cowtown (Austin TX)
Hot Kicks (Ascot Vale VIC)
Hot Panda (Edmonton AB)
The Hours (London UK-ENGLAND)
HOWL (Providence RI)
Jedd Hughes (Nashville TN)
Human Highway (Toronto ON)
Hymns (Brooklyn NY)
Hyperpotamus (Madrid SPAIN)
I Am David Sparkle (Singapore SINGAPORE)
Iglu & Hartly (Echo Park CA)
Igudesman & Joo (Vienna AUSTRIA)
I Love You But I've Chosen Darkness (Austin TX)
Immaculate Machine (Victoria BC)
Infusion (Victoria VIC)
Innercity Pirates (Cardiff UK-WALES)
Insite (Mexicali MEXICO)
Intuitive Music Orchestra (Moscow RUSSIA)
Invincible (Detroit MI)
Inward Eye (Winnipeg MB)
IO Echo (Los Angeles CA)
Ipso Facto (London UK-ENGLAND)
Ironweed (Altamont NY)
Jason Isbell and the 400 Unit (Muscle Shoals AL)
Joseph Israel (Ukia CA)
It's Not Not (Barcelona SPAIN)
It Hugs Back (Maidstone UK-ENGLAND)
Jaakko & Jay (Tampere FINLAND)
Sarah Jaffe (Dallas TX)
Nate James (London UK-ENGLAND)
The Japanese Motors (Costa Mesa CA)
Japanther (Brooklyn NY)
Jason Reeves (Iowa City IA)
Javelins (Detroit MI)
Jay Jay Pistolet (London UK-ENGLAND)
Jay Nash (Los Angeles CA)
JC & Co. (Austin TX)
J*DaVeY (Los Angeles CA)
Ben Jelen (New York NY)
Jeremy Jay (Los Angeles CA)
Jerusalem (Austin TX)
Jewdyssee (Berlin GERMANY)
Ryan Jewell (Columbus OH)
Johnny Foreigner (Birmingham UK-ENGLAND)
Duquette Johnston (Birmingham AL)
Cotton Jones (Cumberland MD)
Denis Jones (Manchester UK-ENGLAND)
The Joy Formidable (Wales UK-WALES)
The Joys (London ON)
The Juan Maclean (New York NY)
Jump Back Jake (Memphis TN)
Junk Science (Brooklyn NY)
Justin Townes Earle (Nashville TN)
Jypsi (Nashville TN)
Kaka (Malmo SWEDEN)
Kakkmaddafakka (Bergen NORWAY)
Kamikaze Queens (Berlin GERMANY)
Kap Bambino (Bordeaux FRANCE)
Al Kapone (Memphis TN)
Kaskade (San Fransisco CA)
Katie Stelmanis (Toronto ON)
Jon Kennedy Live (Bristol UK-ENGLAND)
Doug Kershaw (Louisana LA)
Keys N Krates (Toronto ON)
Khan Of Finland (Berlin GERMANY)
Christian Kiefer (Rocklin CA)
Killola (Los Angeles CA)
Kingman and Jonah (Lucea JAMAICA)
Maurice Kirya (Kampala UGANDA)
Vijay Kishore (Birmingham UK-ENGLAND)
Kissy Sell Out (London England UK UK-ENGLAND)
Kittens Ablaze (Brooklyn NY)
Kraak & Smaak (Leiden THE NETHERLANDS)
The Krayolas (San Antonio TX)
Kreisor (New York NY)
Kuadrumana (Shiraz IRAN)
Kuroma (Athens GA)
La Carrau (Barcelona SPAIN)
Lady Dottie and the Diamonds (San Diego CA)
LAKE (Olympia WA)
Jen Lane (Saskatoon SK)
Jon Langford And The Pine Valley Cosmonauts (Chicago IL)
La Pupuna (Belém BRAZIL)
La Snacks (Austin TX)
Greg Laswell (Los Angeles CA)
The Latebirds (Helsinki FINLAND)
Laundry Room Squelchers (Miami Beach FL)
Alessi Laurent-Marke (London UK-ENGLAND)
Layabouts (Madrid SPAIN)
Lazywall (Tangier MOROCCO)
Vander Lee (Belo Horizonte BRAZIL)
Legendary Tiger Man (Coimbra PORTUGAL)
Josiah Leming (Morristown TN)
Le Nombre (Montreal QC)
Les Breastfeeders (Montreal QC)
Les Fauves (Modena ITALY)
Les Handclaps (Montreal QC)
Let's Wrestle (London UK-ENGLAND)
Sylvie Lewis (Rome ITALY)
The Life And Times (Kansas City MO)
Light FM (Los Angeles CA)
Lights (Toronto ON)
Like A Bird (San Diego CA)
Tita Lima (Sao Paulo NULL)
Eric Lindell (New Orleans LA)
Lions In The Street (Vancouver BC)
Lissie (Los Angeles CA)
Littl'ans (London UK-ENGLAND)
Little Miss Higgins (Nokomis SK)
The Little Ones (Los Angeles CA)
Loch Lomond (Portland OR)
LoCura! (Oakland CA)
LoneLady (Manchester UK-ENGLAND)
Longview (London UK-ENGLAND)
Longwave (Brooklyn NY)
The Long Winters (Seattle WA)
Lord T and Eloise (Memphis TN)
Los Bad Apples (Austin TX)
Los Claxons (Monterrey MEXICO)
Los Fancy Free (Mexico City MEXICO)
Los Llamarada (Monterrey MEXICO)
Los Pirata (Sao Paulo SP)
los super elegantes (los angeles ARGENTINA)
Lost Bayou Ramblers (Lafayette LA)
The Lost Brothers (liverpool UK-ENGLAND)
Los Utrera (El Hato Veracruz MEXICO)
Loudmouf (Austin TX)
Love:Fi (Kristiansand NORWAY)
The Love Language (Raleigh NC)
The Love Me Nots (Phoenix AZ)
The Lovetones (Sydney NSW)
Lovvers (Nottingham UK-ENGLAND)
The Low Anthem (Providence RI)
Lucas Santtana (Salvador BA)
Lucky Fonz III (Amsterdam THE NETHERLANDS)
Jessica Lurie (Seattle WA)
Terry Lynn (Kingston JAMAICA)
Macaco Bong (Cuiaba NULL)
Erika Machado (Belo Horizonte NULL)
Polly Mackey (Wrexham UK-ENGLAND)
Mad Juana (New York NY)
The Mae Shi (Los Angeles CA)
Magic Christian (San Francisco CA)
Magic Lantern (Long Beach CA)
Magno aka Magnificent (Houston TX)
Mahjongg (Chicago IL)
Pouya Mahmoodi (Tehran IRAN)
The Maids Of Honor (Santa Cruz CA)
Willem Maker (Turkey Heaven Mountain AL)
Malajube (Montreal QC)
Ben Mallott (Austin TX)
Manana (Basel SWITZERLAND)
Maneja Beto (Austin TX)
ManooghiHi (Seattle WA)
Ida Maria (Stockholm NY)
Anya Marina (San Diego CA)
Carolyn Mark (Victoria BC)
Marli (London UK-ENGLAND)
Laura Marling (London UK-ENGLAND)
David Martell (Montreal QC)
Maserati (Athens GA)
Lorrie Matheson (Calgary AB)
John Matthias & Nick Ryan (London UK-ENGLAND)
Angie Mattson (Los Angeles CA)
Max Tundra (London UK-ENGLAND)
Dent May & His Magnificent Ukulele (Oxford MS)
The May Fire (San Francisco CA)
Mayyors (Sacramento CA)
Erin McCarley (Nashville TN)
Melissa McClelland (Toronto ON)
Joe McDermott (Austin TX)
Ian McLagan & the Bump Band (Austin TX)
Shawn David McMillen (Austin TX)
Kiernan McMullan (Limerick IRELAND)
Medi And The Medicine Show (Paris FRANCE)
The Medic Droid (Phoenix AZ)
Meese (Denver CO)
Mekaal Hasan Band (Lahore PAKISTAN)
Meliss FX (Santa Monica CA)
Pedro Menendez JazzTango Ensemble (Buenos Aires ARGENTINA)
Metronomy (London UK-ENGLAND)
Mi Ami (San Francisco CA)
Micachu (London UK-ENGLAND)
Michna (Brooklyn NY)
Midnight Peacocks (Tel Aviv ISRAEL)
Midnight Youth (Auckland NEW ZEALAND)
The Mighty Stef (Dublin IRELAND)
Mika Miko (Los Angeles CA)
Milow (Leuven BELGIUM)
Miniature Tigers (Phoenix AZ)
Gabriel Minnikin (Manchester UK-ENGLAND)
Miracle Fortress (Monreal QC)
Mirah (Portland OR)
Mirrorkicks (London UK-ENGLAND)
The Miserable Rich (Brighton UK-ENGLAND)
Mishka (Halifax CANADA)
Mixtapes & Cellmates (Stockholm SWEDEN)
The Moaners (Chapel Hill NC)
Modex (Buenos Aires ARGENTINA)
Mojoe (San Antonio TX)
Mom (Denton TX)
Monareta (Bogota COLOMBIA)
Moneen (Brampton ON)
Monokino (Amsterdam THE NETHERLANDS)
Monotonix (Tel Aviv ISRAEL)
Monte Negro (Los Angeles CA)
The Moog (Budapest HUNGARY)
Moonlight Towers (Austin TX)
Colin Moore (Montreal QC)
Daniel Martin Moore (Cold Spring KY)
Tony Moore (London UK-ENGLAND)
Tanya Morgan (Brooklyn NY)
Moriarty (Montreuil FRANCE)
Motel Motel (New York NY)
Mother Mother (Vancouver BC)
Moth!Fight! (Austin TX)
Mr Lif (Philadelphia PA)
Mt. St. Helens Vietnam Band (Seattle WA)
Muck and the Mires (Boston MA)
Krista Muir (Montreal QC)
Mumford & Sons (London UK-ENGLAND)
Mundo Livre Sa (Recife BRAZIL)
Colin Munroe (Toronto ON)
Murder (Copenhagen DENMARK)
Ramiro Musotto (Salvador BA)
My Disco (melbourne VIC)
My Federation (Hove UK-ENGLAND)
Myka 9 (Los Angeles CA)
My Sad Captains (London UK-ENGLAND)
Mythical Beast (Kansas City MO)
Nacho Vegas (Gijon SPAIN)
Nacional (Glasgow UK-SCOTLAND)
Naked On the Vague (Sydney AUSTRALIA)
Nancy (Brasilia DF)
Terra Naomi (Los Angeles CA)
Nashville Pussy (Atlanta GA)
Natalie Portman's Shaved Head (Seattle WA)
Navel (Erschwil SWITZERLAND)
NeckBone (Austin TX)
Paula Nelson Band (Austin TX)
Nevertheless (Chattanooga TN)
Night Horse (Los Angeles CA)
No Kids (Vancouver BC)
NOMO (Ann Arbor MI)
Notekillers (Philadephia PA)
Novalima (Lima PERU)
Justin Nozuka (Toronto ON)
Obits (Brooklyn NY)
Ocelot (Leeds UK-ENGLAND)
The Officers (Leeds UK-ENGLAND)
Ohbijou (Toronto ON)
Oh Land (Copenhagen DENMARK)
Oh Sees (San Francisco CA)
Oh Susanna (Toronto ON)
Ohtis (Bloomington IL)
ok city ok (Tokyo JAPAN)
Okou (Paris FRANCE)
Valeria Oliveira (Natal RN)
Fionn O Lochlainn (Brooklyn NY)
Olympus Mons (Vaucresson FRANCE)
1001 Nights Orchestra (Austin TX)
Operahouse (London UK-ENGLAND)
The Orchid Highway (Vancouver BC)
Orphan (Brooklyn NY)
orquesta tipica fernandez fierro (Buenos Aires ARGENTINA)
The O's (Dallas TX)
Other Lives (Stillwater OK)
Outasight (New York NY)
Out From Animals (Chester UK-ENGLAND)
Craig Owens (Davison MI)
Ox.Eagle.Lion.Man (London UK-ENGLAND)
The Pack A.D. (Vancouver BC)
Chase Pagan (Mountain Home AR)
Doug Paisley (Toronto ON)
Ruth Palmer (London UK-ENGLAND)
Paolo "Apollo" Negri (Milan ITALY)
Paper Lions (Montague PEI)
Papertrigger (Philadelphia PA)
The Paranoid Critical Revolution (New York NY)
Parenthetical Girls (Portland OR)
The Parlotones (Johannesburg SOUTH AFRICA)
The Parties (San Francisco CA)
Past Lives (Seattle WA)
paté de fuá (Mexico City ME)
Patrick Park (Los Angeles CA)
Patty Hurst Shifter (Raleigh NC)
Jared Paul (Providence RI)
Howard Eliott Payne (Liverpool UK-ENGLAND)
Pearl and the Puppets (Glasgow UK-SCOTLAND)
The Peekers (Shreveport LA)
Peelander-Z (New York NY)
The Pepper Pots (Girona SPAIN)
Elvis Perkins In Dearland (Germantown NY)
Mandi Perkins (Los Angeles CA)
The Perpetrators (Winnipeg MB)
Pete Philly & Perquisite (Amsterdam THE NETHERLANDS)
Peter Bjorn and John (Stockholm SWEDEN)
Peter's Songs (Buenos Aires ARGENTINA)
Pictures And Sound (Burlington VT)
Pierre de Reeder (Los Angeles CA)
Pink Mountaintops (Vancouver BC)
The Pink Noise (Burlington ON)
The Pink Spiders (Nashville TN)
Pin Me Down (New York NY)
Jefferson Pitcher (Flesherton ON)
The Plastic Wave (Tehran IRAN)
+/- {Plus/Minus} (Brooklyn NY)
Pocahaunted (Los Angeles CA)
Poet In Process (Barcelona SPAIN)
Po' Girl (Vancouver BC)
">Poison Arrows (Atlanta GA)
Leon Polar (Mexico City MEXICO)
Polka Madre (Mexico City MEXICO)
Pompeii (Austin TX)
Pong (Austin TX)
Pop Levi (Los Angeles CA)
Popular Damage (Berlin GERMANY)
Port Amoral (Winnipeg MB)
PorterDavis (Austin TX)
Port O'Brien (Cambria CA)
The Postelles (New York NY)
Post War Years (London UK-ENGLAND)
Powell St. John (Austin TX)
PowerSolo (Aarhus DENMARK)
The Pragmatic (St Louis MO)
Precious Blood (Austin TX)
Princeton (Eagle Rock CA)
The Proclaimers (Edinburgh UK-SCOTLAND)
Project Jenny, Project Jan (Brooklyn NY)
Gabriel Prokofiev (London UK-ENGLAND)
Prolyphic (Providence RI)
Matt Pryor (Lawrence KS)
Joe Pug (Chicago IL)
Vince P (Chicago IL)
Josh Pyke (Sydney AUSTRALIA)
Masha Qrella (Berlin DE)
Quaff (Tokyo JAPAN)
The Quarter After (Los Angeles CA)
The Queers (Portsmouth NH)
Question (San Antonio TX)
Rabid Rabbit (Chicago IL)
Alicia Jo Rabins (Brooklyn NY)
Radio Luxembourg (Aberystwyth UK-WALES)
Rafter (San Diego CA)
Kristoffer Ragnstam (Sweden SWEDEN)
Ra Ra Riot (Syracuse NY)
Ratas del Vaticano (Monterrey MEXICO)
The Raveonettes (New York NY)
The Reaction (San Francisco CA)
Red Cortez (Los Angeles CA)
Rediscover (Los Angeles CA)
Red Light Company (London UK-ENGLAND)
Red Red Meat (Chicago IL)
Red Riders (Sydney NSW)
Eli Paperboy Reed & the True Loves (Boston MA)
Reef The Lost Cauze (Philadelphia PA)
Republic of Loose (Dublin IRELAND)
The Republic Tigers (Kansas City MO)
The Rescues (Los Angeles CA)
Reverend Peyton's Big Damn Band (Nashville IN)
Brandon Rhyder (Austin TX)
Mia Riddle (Brooklyn NY)
Right Away, Great Captain! (Atlanta GA)
Right Or Happy (Austin TX)
Valerio Rinaldi (Buenos Aires ARGENTINA)
Ringo Deathstarr (Austin TX)
Riotous Brothers (Portsmouth UK-ENGLAND)
Rita Redshoes (Lisboa PORTUGAL)
Rival Schools (New York NY)
River City Tanlines (Memphis TN)
The River Phoenix (Copenhagen DENMARK)
The River Raid (Recife BRAZIL)
Robedoor (Los Angeles CA)
Rocco Deluca and the Burden (Long Beach CA)
Rokhsan (London UK-ENGLAND)
RokkaTone (New York NY)
Roll The Tanks (Los Angeles CA)
Rolo Tomassi (Sheffield UK-ENGLAND)
Eileen Rose (Boston MA)
Rosie And The Goldbug (Launceston UK-ENGLAND)
Anni Rossi (Chicago IL)
Ross Royce (Wellington NEW ZEALAND)
Round Table Knights (Bern SWITZERLAND)
Royal Bangs (Knoxville TN)
Ruby Coast (Aurora ON)
Ruido Rosa (Mexico MEXICO)
Russian Futurists (Toronto ON)
Rye Rye (Baltimore MD)
Sagapool (Montreal QC)
Sakin (Istanbul TURKEY)
Salt & Samovar (Brooklyn NY)
SambaDa (Santa Cruz CA)
Samba de Rainha (Sao Paulo SP)
Sanguine Piss (Philadelphia PA)
San Saba County (Austin TX)
Satin Dolls (Mexico City MEXICO)
Savia (Madrid SPAIN)
Mathew Sawyer And The Ghosts (London UK-ENGLAND)
Say Hi (Seattle WA)
Bryan Scary and The Shredding Tears (Brooklyn NY)
Danny Schmidt (Austin TX)
Scissors for Lefty (San Francisco CA)
Scorpion Child (Austin TX)
Scotland Yard Gospel Choir (Chicago IL)
Scram C Baby (Amsterdam THE NETHERLANDS)
Screaming Tea Party (London UK-ENGLAND)
Scribe (Christchurch NEW ZEALAND)
The Sea (Newquay UK-ENGLAND)
Seabird (Cincinnati OH)
Sealife (Manchester UK-ENGLAND)
Kevin Seconds (Sacramento CA)
The Secret Life of Sofia (Brooklyn NY)
Selma Oxor (Monterrey MEXICO)
Jay Semko (Saskatoon SK)
The Service Industry (Austin TX)
Sgt Dunbar and the Hobo Banned (Albany NY)
The Shackeltons (Chambersburg PA)
Shad (London ON)
The Shaky Hands (Portland OR)
Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros (Los Angeles CA)
The She Creatures (Bristol UK-ENGLAND)
Shellshag (New York NY)
Samantha Shelton (Los Angeles CA)
The Shitsez (Oslo NORWAY)
Sholi (San Francisco CA)
Shelley Short (Portland OR)
Shout Out Out Out Out (Edmonton AB)
The Shys (Los Angeles CA)
The S.I.G.I.T. (Bandung INDONESIA)
The Silos (Flagstaff AZ)
Kristoff Silva (Belo Horizonte MG)
Ana Silvera (London UK-ENGLAND)
Alina Simone (Brooklyn NY)
Skavenjah (Regina SK)
Skibunny (Belfast UK-N. IRELAND)
Sky Larkin (Leeds UK-ENGLAND)
The Slants (Portland OR)
Slaves to Gravity (London UK-ENGLAND)
Sleep (Portland OR)
Sleepercar (El Paso TX)
The Sleepover Disaster (Fresno CA)
Langhorne Slim (Brooklyn NY)
Sloth Scamper (Taipei TAIWAN)
Slough Feg (San Francisco CA)
Slow Club (Sheffield UK-ENGLAND)
Amber Smith (Budapest HUNGARY)
Drew Smith's Lonely Choir (Austin TX)
Smokekiller (Saskatoon SK)
Anthony Snape (Sydney NSW)
Snoblind (Hong Kong HONG KONG)
The Soft Pack (Los Angeles CA)
Soko (Paris NY)
Solace (KY) (Richmond KY)
Solange and the Hadley Street Dreams (Houston TX)
Solid Gold (Minneapolis MN)
S.O.M.B.A. (Belo Horizonte MG)
Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin (Springfield MO)
Somi (New York NY)
The Sonics (Seattle WA)
Sonpub (Tokyo JAPAN)
Sons of Albion (London UK-ENGLAND)
Rosalie Sorrels (Boise ID)
sorry-ok-yes (Italy ITALY)
Soulico (Tel Aviv ISRAEL)
Sounds Under Radio (Austin TX)
SpecialThanks (Aichi JAPAN)
The Spinto Band (Wilmington DE)
Spiral Stairs (Seattle WA)
Sprengjuhollin (Reykjavik ICELAND)
Stardeath and White Dwarfs (Oklahoma City OK)
Starsailor (Wigan UK-ENGLAND)
Stars of Track and Field (Portland OR)
Steed Lord (Reykjavik ICELAND)
Jeffrey Steele (Nashville TN)
Adam Stephens (of Two Gallants) (San Francisco CA)
Stereo Pony (Okinawa JAPAN)
Leni Stern (New York NY)
Steso Songs (Malmo SWEDEN)
Stoney (Sheffield UNITED KINGDOM)
Stupid Party (Brooklyn NY)
St. Vincent (Dallas TX)
Sub-division (Mexico City MEXICO)
The Subjects (New York NY)
Alyssa Suede (Glendale CA)
Peggy Sue (Brighton UK-ENGLAND)
The Summer Wardrobe (Austin TX)
Sun Araw (Long Beach CA)
Superdrag (Knoxville TN)
Superguidis (Guaiba RS)
Supersonic (Budapest HUNGARY)
Surinder Sandhu Band (Birmingham UK-ENGLAND)
Sway Machinery (Brooklyn NY)
Fernanda Takai (Belo Horizonte BRAZIL)
Talk To Angels (Leeds UK-ENGLAND)
The Tallest Man On Earth (Karlstad SWEDEN)
Sofia Talvik (Stockholm SWEDEN)
David Tamaoka (Honolulu HI)
TarantisT (Tehran IRAN)
Kim Taylor (Cincinnati OH)
Maria Taylor (Los Angeles CA)
T-Bird & The Breaks (Austin TX)
Teenage Bottlerocket (Laramie WY)
The Teeners (Austin TX)
Telekinesis! (Seattle WA)
Telerama (Fortaleza BRAZIL)
The Temper Trap (Nth Fitzroy VIC)
Here We Go Magic feat. Luke Temple (Brooklyn NY)
Owen Temple (Austin TX)
Temposhark (London UK-ENGLAND)
Ten Out of Tenn (Nashville TN)
Gordie Tentrees (Whitehorse YT)
That 1 Guy (Los Angeles CA)
Thee Headliners (Portland OR)
Theodore (St Louis MO)
Theoretical Girl (London UK-ENGLAND)
The Right Ons (Madrid SPAIN)
These Arms Are Snakes (Seattle WA)
The Third Man (Memphis TN)
13ghosts (Birmingham AL)
This Bike is a Pipe Bomb (Pensacola FL)
This Drama (Tenerife Canary Islands SPAIN)
neil thomas (London UK-ENGLAND)
Rod Thomas (London UK-ENGLAND)
Sandi Thom (Brechin UK-ENGLAND)
Those Dancing Days (Stockholm SWEDEN)
3oh!3 (Boulder CO)
Throw Me The Statue (Seattle WA)
Thunderheist (Toronto ON)
J. Tillman (Seattle WA)
Timothy Bracy's Collection Agency (Brooklyn NY)
The Tiny (Stockholm SWEDEN)
Tiny Masters of Today (Brooklyn NY)
Tiny Vipers (Seattle WA)
T!Katz (Atlanta GA)
Shugo Tokumaru (Tokyo JAPAN)
Tokyo Sex Destruction (Barcelona SPAIN)
Tom Cary (Malaga SPAIN)
Tony's Hotel (Dayton OH)
Torngat (Montreal QC)
To The Bones (Winsford UNITED KINGDOM)
The Toxic Avenger (Paris FRANCE)
Toy Horses (Barry UK-WALES)
The Transpersonals (Bristol UK-ENGLAND)
TRE9 (Houston TX)
Triple Cobra (San Francisco CA)
True Widow (Dallas TX)
Lissy Trullie (New York NY)
Truthlive (Berkeley CA)
Tulsa (Boston MA)
Tungsten Coil (Austin TX)
Turbo Fruits (Nashville TN)
Turbowolf (Bristol UK-ENGLAND)
Frank Turner (London UK-ENGLAND)
The Tutts (Auckland NEW ZEALAND)
2020Soundsystem (Leeds UK-ENGLAND)
Twilight Hotel (Winnipeg MB)
Twin Atlantic (Glasgow UK-SCOTLAND)
Two Dollar Bash (Berlin GERMANY)
Two Hours Traffic (Charlottetown PEI)
2Mex (Los Angeles CA)
The Uglysuit (Oklahoma City OK)
Uncle Lucius (Austin TX)
Underwater Tea Party (Madrid SPAIN)
U-N-I (Inglewood CA)
The Upsidedown (Portland OR)
U.S. Girls (Philadelphia PA)
Francisca Valenzuela (Santiago CHILE)
Valis (Seattle WA)
David Vandervelde (Nashville TN)
Vandex (Salvador BRAZIL)
Vanguart (Sao Paulo BRAZIL)
The Vaselines (Glasgow UK-SCOTLAND)
Venice Is Sinking (Athens GA)
Venison Whirled (Austin TX)
Verde3 (Bogota COLOMBIA)
Very Be Careful (Los Angeles CA)
Vessels (Leeds UK-ENGLAND)
Vetiver (San Francisco CA)
Via Audio (Brooklyn NY)
Vinil Laranja (Belém BRAZIL)
Violens (New York NY)
Virgin Passages (London UK-ENGLAND)
Viva Voce (Portland OR)
Patricia Vonne (Austin TX)
Ann Vriend (Edmonton AB)
Amy Wadge (Pontypridd UK-WALES)
Brooke Waggoner (Nashville TN)
The Wailing Wall (New York NY)
Seth Walker (Austin TX)
Wallpaper. (Oakland CA)
Lucy Walsh (Los Angeles CA)
Warmer Milks (Lexington KY)
The War on Drugs (Philidelphia PA)
Money Waters (Dallas TX)
The Wave Pictures (London UK-ENGLAND)
Wax Fang (Louisville KY)
Sean Wayland (Brooklyn NY)
We Are Balboa (Madrid SPAIN)
Mitch Webb and the Swindles (San Antonio TX)
Randy Weeks (Austin TX)
The Week That Was (Sunderland UK-ENGLAND)
We Have Band (London UK-ENGLAND)
The Weird Weeds (Austin TX)
Josh Weller (London UK-ENGLAND)
Emily Wells (Los Angeles CA)
Paris Wells (Melbourne VIC)
Tyrone Wells (Los Angeles CA)
We Should Be Dead (Limerick IRELAND)
Westbound Train (Boston MA)
Western Keys (Los Angeles CA)
We Were Lovers (Saskatoon SK)
We Were Promised Jetpacks (Glasgow UK-SCOTLAND)
What's YR Damage? (West Palm Beach FL)
Wheat (Taunton MA)
When Dinosaurs Ruled the Earth (Austin TX)
When Girls Collide (San Francisco CA)
The Whip (Manchester UK-ENGLAND)
Andy White (Belfast IRELAND)
Whitechapel (Knoxville TN)
White Circle Crime Club (Antwerpen BELGIUM)
White Ghost Shivers (Austin TX)
White Lies (London UK-ENGLAND)
Ralph White (Austin TX)
White Shoes & The Couples Company (Jakarta INDONESIA)
Who Shot Hollywood (Amherst MA)
Wild Beasts+ (Leeds UK-ENGLAND)
Wildbirds & Peacedrums (Gothenburg SWEDEN)
Wildchild (Oxnard CA)
Wild Moccasins (Houston TX)
Wild Sweet Orange (Birmingham AL)
Wild Weekend (San Diego CA)
Astrid Williamson (Shetland Islands UK-SCOTLAND)
Elizabeth Wills (Austin TX)
Wine and Revolution (Austin TX)
The Woggles (Atlanta GA)
Wovenhand (Denver CO)
The Wrens (Teaneck NJ)
XYX (Monterrey MEXICO)
Yak Ballz (Edison NJ)
Yarah Bravo (New York NY)
Year Long Disaster (Los Angeles CA)
The YellowDogs (Tehran IRAN)
YellowFever (Austin TX)
Don Yojan & La Frescura (Austin TX)
Andy Yorke (Oxford UK-ENGLAND)
You Me and Everyone We Know (Washington DC)
Gabby Young And Other Animals (London UK-ENGLAND)
Young Galaxy (Montreal QC)
Young Mammals (Houston TX)
Your Vegas (Leeds UK-ENGLAND)
Youth Group (Newtown NSW)
Yuppies (Omaha NE)
Zion I (Oakland CA)
Zola Jesus (Madison WI)

This list subject to change.

Thx Ryan.

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