It's no surprise that System Of A Down frontman Serj Tankian said that the band "could not really see eye to eye" on how to move forward with new music. The band -- especially Serj -- has long been known for their outspoken left-wing politics, but Serj and drummer John Dolmayan continue to be at odds when it comes to politics lately, as Dolmayan continues to become known for his outspoken right-wing politics.

Dolmayan is the news today for defending Trump, and calling him "the most attacked president in history yet the greatest friend to minorities!," while Serj is making headlines for calling on Trump to resign. Serj writes:

Run Donny run into your bunker. You may be the first US President to do so out of fear of your own citizens. A real leader would address the nation properly and a real man would go face the protestors on the streets in person. But like other corrupt undemocratic leaders in the past, you’ve realized they are not your people as you are not really our President. These protests are not just over race but over institutional injustices beginning with the slave era electoral college that put you in power, K Street lobbying firms, superdelegates of a two party duopolistic Neo-liberal corporatocracy whose day has come. You make antifa a terrorist organization but not the KKK? The lessons of the 2018 peaceful successful revolution in Armenia can be applied in the US and elsewhere in the world. Coordinate online and block every street everywhere and force the regime to resign. The time has come. Your time has come @realdonaldtrump

And here's what Dolmayan posted:

Dolmayan also posted the following about David Dorn, the retired St. Louis police captain who was killed while responding to an alarm at a pawnshop on Monday:

And here's Serj's full post:

Serj recently said that he is planning to release an EP of "rock" songs he wrote that were intended for System of a Down.

Earlier this week, former Nirvana bassist Krist Novoselic (whose band is also known for outspoken left-wing politics) also came under fire for Trump support, which he later attempted to clarify.

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