Earlier this year, The Brew Podcast made a list of the top 50 rappers of all time, and it went viral, mostly because no one could believe Joe Budden was included at #3. Many people chimed in with their own lists, including the T.I.-founded Trap Music Museum, and then this week T.I. dedicated an episode of his ExpediTIously Podcast to discussing the top 50 rappers of all time. The podcast episode was met with backlash after T.I. -- when discussing Lil' Kim and Nicki Minaj -- said "I don't think we can have both because they are a direct reflection of one another." But then, T.I. published his own top 50 list on Instagram, including both Kim and Nicki (and himself at #11). He wrote:

THIS IS THE FINAL LIST #ExpediTIously created‼️ IF Y’ALL AINT HEAR THE WHOLE EPISODE YOU SPEAKING LOUD,OUT OF TURN AND WRONG AS A MUUUUUFUCKA‍♂️. Now while IDGAF WHAT NUMBER I AM... (Music doesn’t validate ME or MY EXISTENCE,u can Put me at 51 if u like...MY LIFE AINT GON CHANGE!!!)Y’all can feel free to go back and forth with acts of futility about OPINIONS all you like. I’ll be doing something different & progressive...✌ Oh...& we framed it for y’all to win... How to enter the giveaway: Just Leave a review on the expediTIously Apple Podcasts page and include your social handle #BeEazy

His top 10 (from 1 to 10) is Tupac, Jay-Z, Biggie, Snoop Dogg, Kanye West, Drake, Eminem, Nas, DMX, and Lil Wayne, and he also has Andre 3000 at #13, Lauryn Hill at #15, Rakim at #17, Kendrick Lamar at #18, Method Man at #21 Slick Rick at #27, Future at #32, Big Boi at #33, Nelly at #35, Ludacris at #36, Meek Mill at #43, Nipsey Hussle at #48, Killer Mike at #50, and more. See his full list, and video of the podcast episode, below.

T.I.'s Top 50 Rappers of All Time
1. Tupac
2. Jay-Z
3. The Notorious B.I.G.
4. Snoop Dogg
5. Kanye West
6. Drake
7. Eminem
8. Nas
9. DMX
10. Lil Wayne
11. T.I.
12. Ice Cube
13. Andre 3000
14. 50 Cent
15. Lauryn Hill
16. LL Cool J
17. Rakim
18. Kendrick Lamar
19. Cam'ron
20. Jadakiss
21. Method Man
22. Pimp C
23. Scarface
24. Too Short
25. E-40
26. Busta Rhymes
27. Slick Rick
28. Master P
29. Gucci Mane
30. Young Jeezy
31. Rick Ross
32. Future
33. Big Boi
34. J Cole
35. Nelly
36. Ludacris
37. Big Pun
38. 8Ball
39. Bun B
40. Lil' Kim
41. Fabolous
42. Nicki Minaj
43. Meek Mill
44. Ghostface Killah
45. Raekwon
46. Redman
47. Twista
48. Nipsey Hussle
49. Uncle Luke
50. Killer Mike

Here's Questlove's response to the list:

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