Melissa Moore comments further on Absu: "I hope they aren't trying to steal my songs again"

”Tell Russ if they put the trans symbol on the front cover of the album I’ll sign the paper.”

ex-Absu guitarist Melissa Moore speaks out over being fired for being trans after band reforms as Apsu

”Proscriptor aka Russ Givens and Ezezu aka Paul Williamson are transphobes who threw me out of Absu like a piece of trash because I’m trans,” former Absu guitarist Melissa Moore writes.

Absu issue statement about breakup

”After meager deliberation and zero remorse, I have decided to dissolve ABSU after three decades of existence,” Proscriptor McGovern writes.

16 New Songs Out Today

Listen to new songs by Rick Ross, Aura Noir, Jaden Smith, Brooke Candy (ft. Charli XCX & Maliibu Miitch), Alessandro Cortini, Modern Nature, Column (mems Twin Peaks & Post Animal), and more.

Absu member says "I lost my band when I came out to them"

”Most of you know me from my time as Vis Crom of Absu, even though I probably didn’t look like a Melissa then. I am a transgender woman,” she wrote on Facebook today. She later said ”fucked up transphobia from my bandmates” led to the end of Absu.

Absu, Aluk Todolo, Blood Incantation & more playing Stardust 2017 at Saint Vitus

Absu, Slagmaur, Aluk Todolo, Blood Incantation, Obliteration, Insect Ark, Young and in the Way, Lycus, Spectral Voice and more are playing.

Absu, Bastard Sapling, & Imperial Triumphant @ Saint Vitus (pics)

Texas black metal boundary-pushers Absu brought their tour to NYC for a show at Saint Vitus on April 28. They were joined by Bastard Sapling (which features members of Inter Arma) and Imperial Triumphant, and we’ve got pictures of the show in this post…

The Ruins of Beverast playing US shows (UPDATE: tour cancelled)

German black metal outfit The Ruins of Beverast are playing some rare US shows soon. The solo project of former Nagelfar member Alexander von Meilenwald conjures a legitimately terrifying atmosphere that should be something to behold in the rare chance to catch it in a live setting…

Absu prepping new album, announce tour

Also playing Toronto’s Modified Ghost Festival with Dillinger Escape Plan, Cattle Decapitation, Suffocation, Misery Index, Dead Cross & more

Absu, Villians & Iron Force @ Saint Vitus (pics & video)

Texas “mythological occult” (read: black metal) stalwarts Absu wrapped up their fall tour in NYC by hitting Saint Vitus Bar on Monday (11/18) for an Invisible Oranges-sponsored show with local powers Villains and Iron Force

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