This Week In METAL (11/03/09)
DOWNLOAD: Shadow Of The Torturer - "The Walk" (MP3) DOWNLOAD: Fatalist - "Internal Misery" (MP3) DOWNLOAD: Mala Suerte - "Wine Like Clotted Blood" (MP3) DOWNLOAD: Coffinworm - "High On The Reek Of Your Burning Remains" (MP3) DOWNLOAD: Clone II Snippet Sampler (MP3) DOWNLOAD: Sleep - Demos 1990 (Mediafire Link, courtesy of Chunklet) DOWNLOAD: Thou - "Don't Vote" (MP3) DOWNLOAD: Thou - "I am the Leviathan" (MP3) DOWNLOAD: Nirvana 2002 - "Mourning (Projections of a Stained Mind)" (MP3) DOWNLOAD: Mala Suerte - "Entrance/Black Art" (MP3) DOWNLOAD: Brown Jenkins - "Ashes In Her Mouth" EDIT (MP3) DOWNLOAD: Brown Jenkins - "Lords Of Suicide" & "Lifetaker" (Mediafire Link) DOWNLOAD: Witchmaster - "Two Point Suicide" (MP3) DOWNLOAD: Witchmaster - "Total Annihilation" (MP3) DOWNLOAD: Gravehill - "Rites Of The Pentagram" (MP3) Consider this the "Swedish Death Metal" edition as we'll focus on a few bands that have taken cues from the great sounds of Entombed, Dismember, Grave, and so many others...

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