Dexter Holland

The Offspring's best deep cuts -- 14 songs that rival their biggest hits

The Offspring became a hit machine (and released a greatest hits), but many of their best songs were deep cuts. This edition of ‘In Defense of the Genre’ looks at their 14 best songs that didn’t crack the charts…

AFI album guide - the essentials, the underrated & more

This edition of ‘In Defense of the Genre’ takes a look at the rich discography of AFI, a highly unique band who evolved in interesting ways and defied easy categorization for nearly three decades.

an interview with the Dwarves & pics from The Kingsland

The Dwarves just played Brooklyn in support of their new album on Burger Records, Take Back the Night, and we caught up with frontman Blag Dahlia to discuss the new record, working with Nick Oliver, Josh Freese, Dexter Holland, and others, and more typical Dwarves debauchery.