Klaus Kinski’s top 10 sonic salves of 2016
"At the end of the day, if you are looking for contemporary suggestions, I'm probably the last person you should ask. But I listen to music. I love the music I love. Here are 10 sonic elements that kept me going through 2016 (though, only a few are actually from 2016)." - Klaus.
Diasiva and Zerfallmesnch released new LPs via OHM Resistance (listen)
World renowned purveyors of some of the most brilliant, unique, challenging, ear-shattering, bowel-loosening, confrontational, mood-altering sounds ever recorded, label OHM Resistance dropped two absolutely crushing records on July 8 and, depending on your taste in music, I am bringing them to your attention to either broaden your horizons or to torture your ears...