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9 New Songs Out Today
Listen to new songs by Bonobo, New Order, Ty Segall, Belle & Sebastian, blink-182, Crypt Sermon, No One Knows What The Dead Think (ex-Discordance Axis), and more.
This Week In METAL (07/29/08)
DOWNLOAD: Intronaut - "The Literal Black Cloud" (MP3) DOWNLOAD: KEN mode - "The Romanticist" (MP3) DOWNLOAD: Discordance Axis - ENTIRE Live Set from CBGB, 6/3/00 (Mediafire Link, setlist/credit) DOWNLOAD: Noothgrush - Live at KZSU 5/01/96 (Mediafire Link, setlist/credit) DOWNLOAD: Wolves In The Throne Room - Live at Slim's 10/2/07 (Mediafire Link, setlist/credit) Gojira's The Way Of All Flesh Gojira has finally announced news on it's latest punch to the gut, The Way of All Flesh...