Dream Diary

a guide to NYC Popfest 2011 (with lots of MP3s, day by day analysis & chances to win free tickets too)
DOWNLOAD: NYC Popfest Mix (Zip) DOWNLOAD: Pet Milk - Cherry Outline (MP3) DOWNLOAD: Gold-Bears - Record Store (MP3) DOWNLOAD: Sea Lions - All Right (MP3) DOWNLOAD: Go Sailor - Windy (MP3) DOWNLOAD: Soda Shop - Farewell (MP3) DOWNLOAD: Days - Simple Thing (MP3) DOWNLOAD: Days - Downhill (MP3) DOWNLOADFan Modine - Julu Road (MP3) DOWNLOAD: Kids on a Crime Spree - Sweet Tooth (MP3) DOWNLOAD: Silver Swans - Secrets (MP3) DOWNLOAD: Silver Swans - Anyone's Ghost (the National) (MP3) DOWNLOAD: Silver Swans - Mother of Pearl (MP3) This week is the fifth-annual NYC Popfest which happens Thursday - Sunday (May 19 - 22) at a variety of NYC and Brooklyn venues, playing host to around 30 bands from around the world...

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