Hunx and his Punx

Hunx & His Punx touring w/ Shannon & the Clams (2011 dates)
DOWNLOAD: Hunx & His Punx - "Lovers Lane" (MP3) "Muscle relaxer n coffee for Porno shoot" - HunxandhisPunx "Music biz is such a giant snooze Fest I wish a Wendy O Williams or GG would come along and break a bunch stuff" - HunxandhisPunx "He actually had me at "I rented Step Up 3- amazing"" - HunxandhisPunx Hunx & His Punx (more by Jake Forney) After exorcising his demons at a pair of shows in their native Bay Area, followed by an appearance at SXSW, Hunx & His Punx will head out in early April to get sexy from sea to shining sea...

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