Meat Puppets

Notable Releases of the Week (3/8)
This week's Notable Releases include Amanda Palmer's ambitious and powerful new album, Stella Donnelly's riot twee debut, Meat Puppets' first album with their original lineup in 20+ years, and more.
15 songs that influenced Nirvana (probably)
Grunge was portrayed in the media as a brand new phenomenon, but Nirvana themselves would be the first to tell you that their music wasn't really as original as people were saying it was. Here are 15 of the songs that (probably) helped make them...
Nirvana’s 10 Best Cover Songs
As good as Kurt Cobain was at songwriting, he was also a master of interpreting the work of others. His covers were rarely straightforward renditions -- they almost always brought something new to the song and were sometimes even better than the originals...

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