War bassist/vocalist B.B. Dickerson, RIP
Dickerson's basslines and co-writing helped define iconic songs like ”Low Rider,” ”Why Can't We Be Friends?,” ”The Cisco Kid,” and ”Summer,” and he sang lead on their psychedelic soul masterpiece ”The World Is A Ghetto.”
Black Train Jack vocalist Rob Vitale, RIP
Reports are coming in that Rob Vitale, vocalist of NYHC bands Black Train Jack and Nine Lives, have passed away. ”He had a voice of an angel & a heart of gold,” said Danny Diablo. Tributes also came in from Sick Of It All and others...
As Friends Rust bassist Kaleb Stewart, RIP
”Kaleb was fiercely loyal and sensitive and felt things deeply and acutely. He loved to philosophize about music and politics, and had tremendous depth. He was passionate, talented, wild,” the band said in a statement.

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