Slough Feg

Short Wave Warfare (03/3/10)
DOWNLOAD: The Howling Wind - "Teeth of Frost" (MP3) DOWNLOAD: Palace of Worms - "Rite of Blood" (MP3) DOWNLOAD: Unholy Grave - "Little Bastards" (MP3) DOWNLOAD: Coffinworm - "Start Saving For Your Funeral" (MP3) DOWNLOAD: Darkthrone - "Eyes Burst At Dawn" (MP3) DOWNLOAD: Wolvhammer - Dawn Of The 4th (Zipped MP3, Mediafire) DOWNLOAD: Panopticon - "Beginning Of The End" featuring Rob "The Baron" Miller (MP3 Snippet) DOWNLOAD: From Ashes Rise - "All In Due Time" (Live) (MP3) DOWNLOAD: Alcest - "Percées De Lumière" (MP3) DOWNLOAD: Wormrot - "Indonesia" (MP3) DOWNLOAD: Jucifer - "Rifles" (MP3) Ryan of The Howling Wind w/ Unearthly Trance (more by Samantha Marble) Ryan Lipynsky probably best known for his role as doom-destroyer in Unearthly Trance, but he's been around the block with projects as varying as Motive, Pollution, Thralldom and The Howling Wind, who will release their latest LP Into The Cryosphere via Profound Lore in April...

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