Tim Friese-Greene -- who is probably best known for producing/collaborating with Talk Talk from 1983-1991 (he was basically the unofficial fourth member of the band) but has also produced albums by Catherine Wheel, Thomas Dolby and more -- has formed a new group, Short-Haired Domestic, with his partner, Lee Friese-Greene (who some may remember from ’90s band Sidi Bou Said). The duo's debut album is due out this summer and each song is written in a different language. "I was interested in a kind of heavy slowed-down funk, with quite a lot of abstract noise, and generally embracing dirtiness and imperfection," says Tim. "I had the idea around 2017 to make a slow funk album, but didn't want to get bogged down in drummers or drum programming, so I picked 9 breakbeat loops off some 90s DJ vinyl that I had knocking about. At about the same time, Lee and I were taking Italian lessons and I was struck with how readily she adopted the nuances of the language."

Short-Haired Domestic's debut single is out June 5 and you can check out the matter-of-factly titled “A song in Latin about the importance of comfortable shoes” right now, which is groovy in a loungey kid of way. Listen below.

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