Kristian Matsson, aka The Tallest Man on Earth, has released the first installment in a series titled The Light in Demos, a series of documentary-style videos which will feature both new songs and covers. Matsson says in the video that while he won’t be releasing any new, original material in 2017, he’ll be releasing these videos periodically to both hold fans over, and for his own personal health:

I do think that creativity and abstract thinking is important, maybe more now than ever. I’m gonna be making these videos ’cause I want to be a part of inspiring each other, to figure this out. I’ll be singing demos and new songs, as well as other people’s songs that keep me sane, and I’ll let friends join in whenever they feel like.

The first installment focuses on the new track “In Little Fires,” which is typical Tallest Man on Earth excellence. It has Matsson singing and gently playing a steel guitar, with some string and horn accompaniment. He may be calling it a “demo,” but this is well thought-out, high-quality stuff. Watch the video below.

The Tallest Man on Eaarth also recently released a collaborative EP with yMusic (with re-workings of four Tallest Man songs and a Joan Baez cover), and he’s playing two shows at Brooklyn’s Pioneer Works with yMusic this September. Night one is sold out, but tickets for night two are still available. You can listen to the reworked version of “Love is All”, from the new EP, below.