Former Prince Rama frontwoman Taraka Larson, who now just goes by Taraka, has announced her solo debut, Welcome to Paradise Lost, which will be out October 8 via Rage Peace. Following the breakup of the band, which was co-led by her sister Nimai, Taraka had no interest in making music again, but having decamped to Texas, she rediscovered her love of guitars. Songs poured out of her, and enlisting the help of her former Prince Rama bandmate Ryan Sciaino and Tim Koh (Gang Gang Dance), the tracks were fleshed out into an album.

The first single is "Psychocastle," a super fun chunk of grungy pop. Says Taraka, "Ever try to escape your bedroom, but feel like you're still asleep? Ever try to wake up, but find yourself back in the dream? Ever try to take off your mask, but another one pops up beneath it? Ever try to consult your inner self, but inside your skin is merely a rotting corpse? Ever feel like every path you take is just another mobius strip leading you back to where you first began? Congratulations, welcome to the Psychocastle."

You can watch the video for "Psychocastle," directed by Matthew Hoffman and Taraka, below.

Taraka Welcome To Paradise Lost album artwork

Taraka - Welcome To Paradise Lost tracklist
01 Once Again
02 Welcome To Paradise Lost
03 Sad Blue Eyes
04 Ride Or Die
05 Psychocastle
06 Total Failure
07 0010110
08 Lucifer Exit
09 So Happy For You
10 Practice Makes Perfect
11 Bad Bonezz
12 Thank You
13 Deep Hollow
14 Old Gloves

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