If you're into metal and hardcore, you probably know the name Taylor Young, who used to be in Nails, currently is in Twitching Tongues, and who has produced records by Regional Justice Center, Drain, Section H8, Age of Apocalypse, and several others. He also leads a death metal solo project called ZOUS, who put out its debut EP/demo Pandemicon in 2020 and just released a new EP, No Ground To Give, on Closed Casket Activities. Taylor wrote, performed, produced, engineered, and mixed everything himself, and it also features guest vocals from Death/Autopsy's Chris Reifert (on "Event Horizon") and From Ashes Rise's Brad Boatright (who also mastered the EP, on "Stepped On"), as well as noise by Full of Hell's Dylan Walker (on "Pray A Lie" and "Stepped On") and guitar solos by Gridlink's Takafumi Matsubara (on "Coup De Main") and the prolific Leon Del Muerte of too many bands to name (on "Authoriticon"). No Ground To Give offers up five slabs of old school style death metal, with murky growls and crisp riffage, and Taylor's hardcore roots shine through too. Listen to the whole thing below.

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