Teenage Fanclub's anticipated 11th album, Endless Arcade was set to be released at the beginning of March but due to production delays, the album will now be out April 30 via Merge in North America and PeMa in the UK/EU. Similarly, the band's UK and European tour has also been rescheduled, with a few dates in England and Scotland happening in September, and then the bulk of the tour moving to Spring 2022.

On the brighter side, the Fannies have just shared a new single from Endless Arcade, a shimmering Norman Blake number titled "I'm More Inclined," full of the jangly guitars and lush harmonies we've come to expect from the band. “When we first started talking about getting songs together for a new album, Norman said, ‘I have one ready to go now!,’" says the band's other main songwriter Raymond McGinley. "That was ‘I’m More Inclined.’ He played it to us, we loved it, and that got us started on the whole thing that became Endless Arcade.” Listen to that below.

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