NJ punks Teenage Halloween's self-titled debut LP on Don Giovanni is one of our favorite punk debuts of the year, and we were wondering what music the members of Teenage Halloween liked most this year, so we caught up with them and all six members picked one or two albums and told us a bit about each one. Read on for what they had to say...

Luke Henderiks (lead vocals/guitar):

K.P.G. - The Damage Done

Harsh noise songs with a very weird minimalist take at times that really captures an atmosphere. I feel like Ken’s use of tape machines creates amazing loops that a simple pedal setup could never recreate.

Favorite song: “That Fear You Bring”

Have A Good Season - Shapes I’ve Never Seen

Amazing songs with a ton of different variations in tempo and sound. I like the meaning behind Nic’s lyrics and how they paint a picture for you. The best records are ones with sonic variety.

Favorite song “Ramune”

Eli Frank (lead guitar):

Adrianne Lenker - songs

The perfect quarantine album. It feels personal and secluded, yet warm and embracing. Adrianne’s voice is haunting and sweet and I can’t stop listening.

Favorite song: "half return"

Melkbelly - PITH

This is the other side of my quarantine vibes cuz this album gets me PUMPED. The tempo changes, the snare tone, the riffs, the lyrical pacing and melodies...hell yeah. Band I wanna see live the most.

Favorite song: "Sickeningly Sweet"

Jane Lai (piano):

Riverby - Smart Mouth

Sophia makes refreshing yet nostalgic punk hooks where I imagine I’m in a 2000s high school movie and it’s the first or last day of school. Nothing feels more triumphant in youth when the possibilities reset.

Favorite song: "Smart Mouth"

Gia Margaret – Mia Gargaret

Unlike her previous releases, this one is nearly all instrumental, yet retains patience and narrative like a perfect score for Akira Kurasawa’s Dreams. I imagine being that little boy on the cover looking towards mountains amidst the open field.

Favorite song: "no sleep no dream"

Peter Gargano (drums):

Dope Body - Home Body

On their first album in five years, Dope Body put out one of the most off the wall noise rock records of the year. Each song incorporates jagged rhythms soaked in effects, creating a hypnotic wall of noise for thirty gut punching minutes, making it one of the most visceral and dirty albums of the year.

Favorite song: "Junk 75"

Jerry Paper - Abracadabra

The new Jerry Paper album is full of some of the most smooth, jazz inspired indie tracks of the year. Jerry Paper is a true indie crooner and throughout this new album he delves into some of his most warm and cozy sounds of his career thus far.

Favorite song: "Cholla"

Hakim Diran (saxophone):

Dirty Bird - Brainworks

I think Dirty Bird is about to take over.

Favorite song: "New Drug"

Tricot - 真っ黒

Too catchy to miss. Music that makes your jaw drop.

Favorite song: "真っ黒"

Tricia Marshall (bass/vocals):

Carpool - Erotic Nightmare Summer

Erotic Nightmare Summer is one of my favorite albums of the year because I love the contrast between the jokey, lighthearted stuff and their more serious subject matter. Great friends make great music!

Favorite song: "Beauty School Dropout"


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