Teethgrynder, the collaborative solo project from Scotland's Jay Thurley, will release new album Hostages on October 29 via Isolation Records (pre-order). It was made with members of Young Widows, Filth Is Eternal Bossk, and more (and "maybe even" The Jesus Lizard's David Yow), and as you can hear on new single "Devilman," it finds Teethgrynder channelling the brooding, gothy sounds of '80s Nick Cave.

"'Devilman' is a story about filth and corruption creeping into everything for the last time," Jay says. "The rabbit watches from the end of the wheel, a sign that there is no coming back. Fear and Power are corrupted by the lightless swamp dripping from the mouths of blind men, while Death waits, smiling."

About the video (directed by Ross Fraser McLean and Supply + Demand), he adds, "I had a very specific vision in mind to accompany this song, which my friends brought perfectly to life. I never want to eat squid ink again." Check it out below.


1. Devilman
2. Casey Rowe’s Ghost
3. Zeal, the Assassin
4. Not Lonely (ft. Jaye Jale)
5. Vanity, the Fool
6. Votive Signs (ft. Alexis Marshall)
7. Beans
8. Stare at the Ground

Digital Bonus Tracks:
The Seer
Barisal Guns
Surface Dweller
Cyclopes (Ft. Lisa Mungo of Filth Is Eternal)

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