Televangelist is the experimental electronic project of Dorian Domi, and he's releasing a new album, Daydream Abraxas, on November 19 (pre-order). One song, "Leland Palmer," features outsider rap legend Kool Keith, alongside Wolfie Warship, and we're premiering the video (made in collaboration with Jarrod Ajhar) for that song in this post.

"From sessions with Kool Keith in March 2019 in a run down house in Austin," Dorian says of the new song. "There were over 40 versions of the song before this. It’s the ethos of Abraxas. Two emotions fighting over skittering beats narrated by Kool Keith. The video is a transformation into seraphim. It was shot at an abandoned airfield in downtown Brooklyn near a radioactive beach. We broke in and were about to shoot inside a building when we saw someone walking inside. We tried talking to him but all he did was stare at us through broken glass and debris."


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