Terminal Bliss -- the new band of pg.99/Pygmy Lush vocalist Chris Taylor and guitarist Mike Taylor, ex-City of Caterpillar bassist Adam Juersko, and ex-City of Caterpillar/ex-Darkest Hour/Iron Reagan drummer Ryan Parrish -- debuted in late 2020 with a two-song single on Relapse, and today they've surprise-released their debut EP Brute Err/ata, featuring those two songs and eight others. (10 songs might look more like a full-length than an EP but most of those songs are under a minute.) Like the single, the whole record was engineered by Majority Rule/NØ MAN's Matt Michel and mastered by From Ashes Rise's Brad Boatright. The band says:

We couldn’t be more excited for folks to hear Brute Err/ata. This group of songs came together rather quickly. In part because of our decades long relationship to punk and one another. I think for the four of us, this band was just something we’d all been chomping at the bit to do for awhile. Each of us brings a clear creative vision to the songs and we chisel away at them. We did a lot of meticulous work tweaking the sound and the mix until it was as close to what we were thinking as we could get it. We wanted to make the songs as feral and unhinged as possible. Brute Err/ata is just a snapshot of what we’re trying to do and we are already working on newer material.

If you dug the first two songs Terminal Bliss put out, you're gonna be very pleased with the rest of Brute Err/ata too. As those songs hinted, it finds these veteran musicians in whiplash-inducing noisecore territory, taking aim at all kinds of fucked up societal shit and making time to talk about personal experiences as well. Every song bleeds right into the next, and the record doesn't let up on the fury for one second.

Listen to the whole thing below. Physical copies come out February 26 (pre-order).

Clean Bill Of Wealth
Dystopian Buffet
The Ominous Hum
Small One Time Fee
8 Billion People Reported Missing
Discarded Wallet
March Of The Grieving Droid
Hidden Handed Artificial Harassment Experimental Run Amok


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