Dinner Party is the new jazz/hip hop/neo-soul supergroup of Terrace Martin, Robert Glasper, Kamasi Washington, and 9th Wonder, and their self-titled debut album (due July 10 via Sounds Of Crenshaw/Empire) features several collaborations with Phoelix, aka modern-day jazz-rap great Noname's secret weapon. Phoelix is featured on the excellent lead single "Freeze Tag," which you can check out below.

This group is full of musicians who have been leading the jazz/hip hop crossover moment for years, and it's no surprise to hear how much chemistry they have on this song, especially since most of them have collaborated before. Terrace Martin and Robert Glasper both play in the excellent group R+R=NOW; Terrace, Robert, and Kamasi all contributed to Kendrick Lamar's To Pimp A Butterfly; Terrace actually just teamed with Kamasi Washington on the already-iconic protest song "Pig Feet" and he just teamed with Robert on a live session performance of Leon Bridges' "Sweeter"; both Terrace and Robert have worked with 9th Wonder multiple times; the list goes on. Dinner Party is just the latest in a string of projects from this crew, and it's shaping up to be a good one.

Glasper spoke to The FADER about that very chemistry: "Our chemistry is very strong. We all have a rapport with each other. It's like sitting down and having a conversation over drinks, and then we'll look up and be like, ‘Oh, we recorded something.’ You don't even realize it because it's literally just that simple. When you have the right chemistry with people, it's not hard."

He also adds, "This album, there’s not so much going on. We did that on purpose. Some things might even sound unfinished, but it's because a lot of people, when they record, they put all of their thoughts and everything in every track. It doesn't leave the listener room to just think. I feel like this album is a house, and we're letting the listener move their own furniture in."

In the same feature, Terrace spoke about the new song's timely message: "We always got to deal with the motherfucking police. We're born into that being a topic. That song was just birthed out of that. That was the night [Phoelix] was in the studio just talking about shit he had went through, shit I had went through. I've been arrested by the police. I've been to jail. I fought cases, beat cases. Kamasi was right there. I rolled up some of this weed and I drank some of that organic tequila and we just got on with it."

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