Hardcore veterans Terror just released their new EP Sink To The Hell on Strife guitarist Andrew Kline's War Records (order yours). It's got four new songs, one of which features Stick To Your Guns' Jesse Barnett, and they're all chunky, heavy hardcore rippers that really make us wish this pandemic would end so we could all meet up in the pit.

On how this EP came together, vocalist Scott Vogel said, "I guess all this time off left Terror some time to dig into our past and find some gems that never really saw the light of day. WAR Records originally released each of these four tracks individually as very limited lathe cut 7 inches, we decided to put them all on one vinyl EP so everyone that wanted one would have that chance to get these songs." And on working with WAR, Scott added, "Andrew is a true friend and has done so many things for Terror over the years. I even tried to get him in the band at one point. It’s all very natural and makes perfect sense."

He also gave a track-by-track breakdown of the full EP. Stream the full thing and read on for what he had to say...

"Sink to The Hell"

This is my favorite song on the record and I think the energy is great on this one. The title is kind of stolen from an integrity vocal line, and with that in mind we took the art in the direction of “In Contrast Of Sin.”

"Don’t Need Your Time" (ft. Jesse Barnett)

You can tell this is a Nick Jett song immediately. His guitar lead on this is great and I really love the Leeway inspired ending. Stick To Your Guns is one of my favorite bands to tour with, and I love all the people in the band. Jesse is a great frontman and all around musical master. I hit him up to do the song and he agreed to be a guest vocalist on this track for $3500. NOT !!!

"The New Beginning"

This one is all about the lyrics to me. I think they make a lot of sense and should at least be pondered over.

"You Lost All Respect"

This song was originally called “Outlast,” but for some reason I changed the title. I still think of it as “Outlast,” so I had to figure out what track this was. This is just a hard hitting mid tempo Terror track that goes toward your throat the whole song.

Terror also recently did their first-ever livestream, to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Keepers of the Faith, and speaking about that, Scott said, "I’m not sure what other bands have done, but I wanted to play some songs we usually don’t and wanted the band to play in a circle all looking in at each other sort of like a jam or rehearsal. I don’t think I would feel ok acting like it was a Terror show and looking out into a crowd that wasn’t there. I hope it came off cool to those who checked it out."

And as for Terror's upcoming plans: "Wait and KEEP THE FAITH."


Scott also fronts the hardcore supergroup World Be Free (which also includes Andrew Kline, Sammy Siegler, Despair's Joe Garlipp, and Chain of Strength's Alex Barreto), and they also recently gave us a track-by-track breakdown of their new EP One Time for Unity. We named the title track (which features Hot Water Music's Chuck Ragan) one of the best punk songs of November.



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