Corey Cunningham, who you may know as guitarist for Terry Malts, will release a solo album under the guise of Business of Dreams. on February 2 via his own Parked in Hell label. While he usually makes music these days with distorted guitars, BoD goes the synthpop route, channelling the early days of Factory and Mute Records. (A few guitars sneak their way onto songs here and there.) Corey's got a way with a tune (and harmonies), and If you dig The Field Mice, Book of Love and OMD (or Terry Malts for that matter), you're going to like this record.

We're premiering the LP's opening cut, "Repossessed" which you can listen to below.

If you missed it, Terry Malts released the very good Lost at the Party last year and you can stream that below too.

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