Montreal electronic musician Tess Roby will release her second album, Ideas of Space, on April 22 via her own newly launched SSURROUNDSS label. You may remember her 2018 debut came out on Italians Do It Better.

Tess has shared the title track from the album, which feels both ethereal and earthy. “‘Ideas of Space’ signals the beginning of a new chapter," says Tess. "This song is hypnotic and sinuous, and sonically possesses a certain power and urgency. When I listen to it I imagine vast landscapes, a climb, a journey. Two distinct voices speak to each other; one lost, questioning, and the other guiding the way. I wanted to visually represent those voices and the journey I was on while making this album; one of self-discovery, hardship, adventure and in the end, confidence and strength.”

You can watch the video for "Ideas of Space," which Tess directed, below.


Ideas of Space
1. Century
2. Eyes Like Babylon
3. Ideas of Space
4. Path
5. Walls Surrounding Water
6. Euphoria in August
7. Up 2 Me
8. House/Home
9. Cloud Cover
10. Elegy Revisited

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