Tess Roby has had a full 2022, releasing her sophomore solo album Ideas of Space, as well as her synthpop trio Dawn to Dawn's debut album Postcards From The Sun To The Moon. You can listen to both below. Now, the Montreal-based synth artist has shared with us a bunch of her favorite releases of the year, including a book and a podcast, plus records by Caterina Barbieri, Charli XCX, The Beat Escape, Orbital, and more.

She writes: "What a crazy year. Two albums I wrote came out on my newly launched SSURROUNDSS label, and my first feature with Khotin was just released to round it all out. A year without music would be the absolute end of me, so thanks to all of the artists on this list for keeping me company. Please consider supporting them via Bandcamp. I’ve compiled a list via Buy Music Club to make it easy :-)"

Read on for Tess's picks, in no particular order...


Tess Roby's Favorite Things of 2022

Caterina Barbieri - Spirit Exit

Listening to this album is a spiritual experience. It really is meant to be played the whole way through. So moving and intense. My album of the year, hands down.

Orbital - "Halcyon (30 Something Years Later Mix)" & "Belfast (30 Something Years Later Mix)"

Imagine my surprise when I received new versions of two of my favourite songs. Pure memories of these playing as I drove through the countryside with my friend Roxanne, watching the most beautiful euphoric sunset I’d ever seen.

Bjork’s Sonic Symbolism (podcast)

A luminous deep dive into one of the great artists of our time. Bjork is one of my most important influences, and listening to this podcast has helped me to better understand the way I create. Thoughts and ideas left here are likely ones I’ll return to throughout my life.

Charli XCX - "Constant Repeat"

Likely my most played song of the year. Imagine writing this song, she had to have known it was going to take over the world. Anyways could not have got through the year without it, thank u Charli xox

The Beat Escape - Shadows of Ecstacy

At the time of publication this album is not even out, but that’s the problem with these lists sometimes. The Beat Escape is ⅔ of Dawn to Dawn and also my best friends – we started making music together because we loved each others so much, and the sentiment still stands.

Seb Wildblood - "Jobi"

Tune. Seb Wildblood is such a great producer, really knows how to capture pure ecstatic feeling~ my favourite.

The CUSP - "I See Faces"

A future underground classic. LA’s The CUSP is definitely one to keep your ears on.

Ultraflex - Infinite Wellness

“Baby” was my song of the summer. The whole album is sexy and cathartic, oooo~

Jack J - Opening The Door

Really love this album from start to finish, and “Only You Know Why” will be a song of the decade.

Rollie Pemberton - Bedroom Rapper (book)

Every artist should read this book! I’m so grateful for artists like Cadence Weapon, willing to share their truths and speak up to initiate change in this crazy industry.


Dusky - "Lonely Dulcimer (Extended Mix)"

If you know me well then you know I love looooove UK garage. Was obsessed with these tracks when they came out, somehow perfectly capturing the melancholic shift from summer to autumn.

Men I Trust - "Billy Toppy"

Men I Trust are always on the verge of the next big thing just so effortlessly. This song is perfect.

DJ Python - "Angel"

Writing a good 10 minute track is no easy feat. I love the evolution of this one, it has a perfect atmosphere. Perfect for driving, walking, or raising the spirits on a rainy day like the one right now as I put together this list. DJ Python’s EP with Ela Minus is also one to check out that was released this year!

Marci - "Entertainment"

There are a lot of hits on Marci’s excellent debut LP but I keep coming back to this one. Feels like pure carefree bliss listening to it. Hands outstretched in summer air.

E-Prime - "I Admit That I’m Happy"

This song took a minute to grow on me, but once it did I found myself listening to it on repeat for days. It includes the fabulous lyric “And then Laraaji reminds me– to bliss out for days and days” which I’m just obsessed with.

Swoose - "Breathe"

Maybe you’re starting to hear a pattern with some of the more electronic leaning tracks I’m writing about: airy, breezy, euphoric, melodic, driving–– this song by Swoose captures it all. Don’t know how else to say it, but this song makes me feel like myself, and I love that.

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