tētēma, the duo of Mike Patton (Faith No More, Mr. Bungle, etc) and composer Anthony Pateras, are releasing their new album Necroscape on April 3 via Ipecac, and they debuted the song "Soliloquy" today. "No other band would combine microtonal buchla with hyperactive drumming to serenade Paganini and Leonard Cohen passed out in a hot tub,” said Pateras. "This track is like pressing fast forward on both a [Giacinto] Sclesi and Yasunao Tone CD on different systems pointed at each other, except it's performed live. Quite possibly the only track in the world to refer to Deleuze as 'chichi.'" We couldn't put it better ourselves -- listen to that song and the album's two previous singles below.

In related news, Mike Patton and Zeus! recently collaborated on an awesome cover of The Cramps' "Human Fly."

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