Stars' Torquil Campbell and Young Galaxy's Stephen Ramsay have formed TFD (TOTAL FUCKING DARKNESS) and released their debut single. It's a match made in Montreal, but its beating heart lies in the dreamy, gloomy world of late-'80s British dance pop, "set to the current total fucking darkness in which the world inhabits."

For longtime fans of Stars, TFD may remind you of the group's early synthpop days when they danceably covered The Smiths' "This Charming Man" on their 2001 debut album, Nightsongs. The first single is a calling card, "The TFD," a gurgling jam caked in black eyeliner and teased hair where Campbell whispers, "Death to fascists, death to men, death to politicians and the women who live with them.” They call it "a crash course for the ravers, the glamorously addled, where nonchalance is a sport, answers come in dreams." It's part New Order, it's part KLF, or as they put it, "BLEEP BLOOP ASSHOLES, IT’S TOTAL FUCKING DARKNESS".

Listen below.

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