Festival season will be here before we know it, and here in NYC both Governors Ball and Panorama are coming up at  Randall's Island Park. In addition to announced performers, there are often surprises...like guests during other artists' sets, or when you open the door to the Porta Potty and a marching band comes parading out.

"Surprise" and "Porta Potty" are generally not words you want to hear in the same sentence (or experience in real life) but last year at Governors Ball there was a "magical porta potty" which released various bands, including that marching band along with a gospel choir, a mariachi band and a Bollywood dance troupe, onto the unsuspecting festival populace.

The whole thing was pulled off by NYC master pranksters Improv Everywhere. Will they reteam with Governors Ball for something new this year? You never know. Meanwhile, check out Magical Porta Potty video below.


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